Four Boys and a Gun

Four Boys and a Gun

Four friends are involved in a robbery that resulted in the killing of a police officer.

Four boys are involved in a robbery in which a policeman is killed. Caught, they are told they will most-definitely be convicted. Three will get life sentences and only one will be given ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Four Boys and a Gun torrent reviews

Pito R (es) wrote: Amazing Documentary.

soiic p (nl) wrote: pas de mauvaises surprises, pas non plus de bonnes. distrayant

Heather M (nl) wrote: This was an easy adventure to watch. It is very family friendly with a perfect ending to lead into more adventures.

Giorgos V (ru) wrote: Xazoperipeteioula pou vlepetai aneta.

Steve S (us) wrote: This was one of the funnest movies I've seen in a really long time, and Suzuki really puts his style to work here, with probably 50% of the movie shot on a green screen and filled in with great traditional artwork and sometimes with actual film. The movie has a feel like you're watching a stage play most of the time, which is an extremely unique and fun feel that I haven't seen anywhere else. It may not be for everyone, but I had an absolute blast watching. And the music, as most people know or may recognize, this is like a play/musical, and the music is absolutely phenomenal. I want the soundtrack badly. The music and dances range from kabuki and enka to rap, broadway musicals, modern pop, and kids songs in a way that is hugely enjoyable and somehow cohesive. There wasn't as much singing as I thought there'd be, but when there were the musical interludes, I was blown away. My only complaint is that it ran a little long near the middle/end, but that's a pretty minor complaint. There were also a lot of Japanese cultural references (pop as well as traditional) and humor that a lot of people may not catch, but had me laughing out loud. And how could you NOT love a movie with Papaya Suzuki playing a ukelele? I sure as hell couldn't.

Jayden C (it) wrote: not interested at all

Janika Maria B (ru) wrote: This is the one time that I WILL judge a book by its cover~

Diane J (ag) wrote: The chemistry with Winger and Redford is great fun.


Hanna H (es) wrote: Gene Kelly and Frank Sinatra compliment each other so well. Kelly is a freaking dance genius. I could watch him dance all day. And Sinatra's voice is seemingly effortless. My love of the two male leads doesn't overshadow the awfulness that is Kathryn Grayson, however. She has very poor stage presence and her singing (while very powerful) is unbelievably annoying. She also plays the stereotypical leading lady who can't think for herself or have any sort of personality when a man is around. Bleh. But anyway, I liked the musical numbers the best, obviously. They didn't really fit in with the context of the predictable story, but who cares! And sure it was a little long...but again, who cares! When Gene Kelly is onscreen, none of that stuff matters.

Jacob R (gb) wrote: The Book had an epic message to be told but sadly this one is sat down and held under by movie mess ups.

JuanKa P (de) wrote: El clsico de las caricaturas, Tintin es llevado a la pantalla grande en 3D. Bajo la direccin del genial Steven Spielberg, nos trae la historia del intrpido e inteligente joven reportero y su perrito Mil, que junto a su buen amigo el Capitn vivirn una gran aventura que encierra una leyenda de la familia del capitn