Four Chapters

Four Chapters

Chaturanga is the story of a love that is caught between conflicting worlds of ideas. The lead protagonist Sachish fleets from radical positivism to religious mysticism in his quest for ...

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:125 minutes
  • Release:2008
  • Language:Bengali
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:based on novel,  

Chaturanga is the story of a love that is caught between conflicting worlds of ideas. The lead protagonist Sachish fleets from radical positivism to religious mysticism in his quest for ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Andres G (it) wrote: Interesting comedy from Zoe Kazan which will catch your attention.The cast is well chosen with a main character cat to the size of Dano. A good movie but nothing very special.

Another V (br) wrote: I started watching this with some preconceived notions about J Edgar Hoover already in my head. My impressions of him were definitely expanded by this movie, so sensitively and carefully directed by Clint Eastwood. As you read my review, you might get the (correct) impression that I don't care much for Hoover in many regards, and yet, Eastwood's direction, from a screenplay written by Dustin Lance Black, and a scene acted by Armie Hammer as J Edgar's love, was able to bring me to tears at J Edgar's death scene.Hoover had his nose in everything, wanted to know everything, wanted to manipulate and control everyone, wanted to bring everybody ELSE to justice, while he himself created his own rules, flaunted rules, abused his power for personal and financial gain, used information to his own benefit, and vengefully targeted people who didn't give him what he wanted. I already knew Hoover was responsible for trying to ruin the lives of a great many people, primarily anyone with any kind of communist or even just socialist beliefs, leanings, interests, friends, or family.This drama is definitely not a movie you would watch for mindless entertainment. Be ready to sit patiently, let it develop at its own pace, and just soak up the knowledge of what this man has done to change our country. He was a mover and a shaker of the 20th century. A man who blackmailed American Presidents. He is only depicted blackmailing a couple of them, Roosevelt and Kennedy, which leads me to assume that he may have also tried to blackmail the other Presidents. He even blackmailed Martin Luther King Jr. in a nasty way, trying to convince him to reject his Nobel Peace Prize. King ignored the blackmail and accepted his prize. While this movie does not attempt to blame Hoover for King's assassination, I have read that the FBI had been requested to protect King at the speech where he was assassinated, and Hoover refused to allow them to do this. Who knows? I had a preconceived opinion that J Edgar Hoover was ultimately responsible for John F Kennedy's assassination, but the movie did not hint at any such thing. The movie did, however, show that Hoover had motive. Hoover's attempts to blackmail and manipulate President Kennedy with secret wiretaps of President Kennedy's affairs are motive enough, for they would have created a conflict with Kennedy. If Hoover found out (and he probably would have) that Kennedy was planning retaliation or removing him from power, what would he have done? How far would Hoover go? And who really was behind the Vietnam War?And why are we to believe people in similar positions of power aren't doing the same kinds of things right now that Hoover did? The FBI, CIA, and NSA have ever more intrusive and far reaching technologies to document every little thing in everybody's lives. There is definitely history of abuse of that power.Many things stand out about J Edgar. He was an extraordinary man. He is portrayed in a very human and revealing manner by Eastwood, and well acted by Leonardo DiCaprio. I don't think Eastwood hates his subject. This biographical movie appears to be an honest look at the good, the bad, and the ugly aspects of J Edgar Hoover, his achievements, his personal life, what made him who he was. I appreciate the attempt at a balanced and respectful biography.A very driven man, Hoover accomplished a lot. He is responsible for making the FBI what it is, for the capture of the big name criminals of his day. He may not have made the arrests, but they happened on his order, by his methods, and because of his vision of what the FBI should be and his drive to make it into what it is. Looking more at his personal life, one apparent personal tragedy for Hoover was that he was not able to fully consummate and live out his love relationship with Clive Tolson, played by Armie Hammer. Or maybe they did. Not sure. Hoover's mother's wishes and views heavily influenced his willingness to actualize his feelings for Tolson in a physical and sexual way, apparently, perhaps moreso while she was alive. To me, the relationship with Tolson was one of the more human aspects of Hoover's life, and Tolson seemed to try to be a voice of reason and moderation, as one of Hoover's 3 most trusted advisors. Those 3 advisers being Tolson, Hoover's mother Annie, and his secretary Helen Gandy, who destroyed his personal files upon Hoover's death, before President Nixon or anyone else could get their hands on them! Whew, good thing Gandy accomplished that, right? I wonder what President Nixon would have done with all that information!?If there's one other person in history who reminds me of Hoover, it's Alexander the Great. Both dominated by strong mothers, both with strong homosexual leanings. Both highly driven their entire lives. Both commanding an army of whom they demanded complete and utter loyalty, obedience, and sacrifice, with Hoover's army being, of course, his FBI agents. J Edgar is a must see for anyone studying 20th Century American history or 20th Century American government. You will learn a lot and come away with things to think about. The discussions coming from this movie could go in so many directions; it's excellent viewing for a discussion group.

Rem Z (jp) wrote: OMG i luv da action in this film and hrithik has sum sik disguises i luved it wen he ws in his statue disguise he looks sooo good

bill k (kr) wrote: If you're into "camp" this film is for you. The swings from shots of the individual "characters" in the group, to the ensemble clips singing out in blizzards and rain storms ranges from hysterically funny to charmingly "campy". One goes away thinking - "I've never seen anything like it". True true true.

Daniel S (us) wrote: While Ill admit its got as much style and finesse as gates of heaven which I absolutely despise, this however has the benefit of having you know, an interesting concept and interesting subjects, it was cool to see how these people lived and created their own neighborhood in the train tunnels, and it was also interesting listening to them talk, there seemed to be more intelligence to them then one may think, some of the "houses" looked pretty habitable i thought, the dark cinematography and music help create a truly dark world

Matt G (mx) wrote: Anyone who's ever been in a band has two film assignments: Spinal Tap and this. That Thing You Do is as catchy a movie as the title song itself. That title speaks to how people experiencing a sudden life-shift quickly figure out who they should be. Why hasn't Hanks matched this directing/writing effort? His control over this world is so apparent. Mostly, it's an immensely quotable bit of pop-perfection that does so little wrong and oh so much right (Zahn is so wonderful he raises the whole thing a star).

Eric N (ca) wrote: super cool, super cute (and i've never referred to a film that way), peak of originality, a simple movie that pulls your heart strings like a marionette. without being in any way maudlin, overdone, melodramatic, tear-jerking, or any precious children for easy sentimentality. this miniscule character piece plays you like a violin. the opening is intentionally confusing and seemingly unnecessary on first viewing, except as a juxtaposition to the real story. but once tony leung's story begins, this movie of the greatest films of all time, seriously. no really. this movie defines the entire decade as much as, say, Pulp Fiction or tv's Friends & Seinfeld. and it was done in 23 days with no plan, just a genius director and cameraman, some actors and a city.

Allan C (it) wrote: Decent Full Moon Features vampire flick. Production values are better than most of their productions and Ted Nicolaou is one of the better of their stable of directors. The film borrows heavily from it's cinematic vampire forbearers to a good effect,most heavily from the silent version of "Nosferatu". I'm also a big fan of stop motion special effects, so the little Ray Harryhausen-esque creatures were fun. It's certainly not "Let the Right One In" or even "30 Days of Night", but it's a solid low budget horror flick that makes the most of it's Romanian location and is probably one of the better Full Moon film series. However, I have to ask, what was up with that wig on Angus Scrim? The Tall Man should never have stood for that.

John A (gb) wrote: Funny, but not consistently so, The Freshman suffers during the lulls where the gags are either not working or non-existent. Some of the situations simply take up too much valuable screen time to develop before the gags even kick in. A few scenes work well, including the football finale, and Lloyd is just too likable for the movie to tank. Good, but not great.

Kim B (fr) wrote: Now they are all in young adulthood and you can see them all starting to take very different routes now in life. Some are either dropped out of school or not continuing it and some are pursuing degrees. Some are already married! The one who sticks out in particular is the angry squatter who seems incredibly angry at society and his parents for his present situation. Makes u wonder what happened there in btw those years? Truly shows how much a person can change over time for better or for worse.series is seriously so addicting!

Fong K (ru) wrote: The loss of innocence in a Welsh mining family, as narrated by the youngest member, as it braves strikes, poverty, a scandal and the death of the patriarch. The final scenes, reminiscing their better days, should break hearts. This Oscar's Best Picture winner beat out CITIZEN KANE, and remains as one of Oscar's biggest flaw in judgement.

Dustin S (br) wrote: Great twist at the end! Typical cheesy death sceens as peer the movie era but excellent story plot for its time

Bruna R (us) wrote: c louca de dizer eu te amo para uma pessoa? s pode dizer isso pra um cachorro!