Four Christmases

Four Christmases

Brad and Kate have made something of an art form out of avoiding their families during the holidays, but this year their foolproof plan is about go bust -- big time. Stuck at the city airport after all departing flights are canceled, the couple is embarrassed to see their ruse exposed to the world by an overzealous television reporter. Now, Brad and Kate are left with precious little choice other than to swallow their pride and suffer the rounds.

When their plans for an exotic vacation fall apart, unmarried couple Brad (Vince Vaughn) and Kate (Reese Witherspoon) must spend Christmas Day struggling to visit all four of their divorced parents on Christmas. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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David C (kr) wrote: Not that bad keep your expectations really low.

Heather M (gb) wrote: Usually I am a fan of parody movies, but this as just ridiculous. You need to be able to identify the movie that is being mocked and this one is just all over the place.

Giulia N (nl) wrote: I do not like this film

Christopher E (kr) wrote: Terrific film. Watch it right now.

Leighton T (gb) wrote: There is no doubt this project was met with much passion. You can feel it in front and behind the lense. I don't think it all comes together the way they quite wanted it to. There are movie of the week tropes that should've been avoided, especially within the dialogue and the way some of the scenes played out. Still, the gritty work from Jennifer Jason Leigh, especially Glenne Headly, and the terrific, gutsy work from a young Jena Malone here are uniformly great. Plus, there's an honesty that pervades the work and truly great moments like the moments that Bone shares with her aunt, which are truly magical. Credit goes to the production designers and costume workers for making it look and feel like the time and place it should. Cudos also to Anjelica Huston for making a very difficult subject visually appealing.

Mike N (ca) wrote: entertaining and funny.

ld p (it) wrote: I have seen a few of Fassbinder's more political movies. I had heard Ebert had been sponsoring a Fassbinder movie festival in Chicago for several years. I decided to look into more of Fassbinder?s movies. He is one of the most important representatives of the New German Cinema. He made over 40 films most independently. In these films, Fassbinder explored how rooted prejudices about race, sex, sexual orientation, politics, class are inherent in society, while also tackling his trademark subject of the everyday fascism of family life and friendship. In this movie Franz "Fox" is a working-class guy, at loose ends when his lover is arrested and the police shutter their carnival booth. In need of cash for his weekly lottery purchase, Fox lets himself be picked up by an elegant older man named Max. At Max's, he meets two younger gay men who have expensive tastes and images to uphold. The next day, Fox wins mil marks in the lottery-Max's friends suddenly become Fox's friends, especially Eugen, the heir to a bookbinding firm that's short of cash. Eugen's polish beguiles Fox, and the fleecing begins. The point of the movie's title is, that Fox has no friends. Fefore Hollywood made its 1st steps in the direction of a new frankness about homosexuality, Fassbinder was miles ahead. He was so comfortable with gay characters that he felt no hesitation in portraying some of them as selfish, brutal and grasping -- as evil, indeed, as heterosexuals in other movies. This movie is about characters defined by their sexuality. The film takes the sexuality as a given, and defines them by their values and morals. And in the slow descent for Fox, Fassbinder indicts their materialism and narcissism. This was a shocking film for 1975. Fassbinder focuses his film mainly on the class barriers. The film gives examination of how people manipulate people for personal gain and the destruction that produces is a recurring problem and one that this film certainly explores. Brilliant film 4 stars

David S (kr) wrote: Deke O'Malley was soooo cool in this flick. Redd Foxx provides the humor as Raymond St.Jacques and Godfrey Cambridge take crap off no one. I first watched this film at age 13. There is NO SUCH THING as a 'blaxploitation' movie!!

Caleb D (br) wrote: Leonard Maltin called this "...innocuous, uncompelling trifle", but I have to disagree. It's a somewhat slight, obviously "dated" film that doesn't try to make any specific point or unravel any great mysteries about the relationship between men and women. SFW?? It was made in 1969 and it has Dustin Hoffman and Mia Farrow in it - what else do you need to know?

James H (jp) wrote: Enjoyable fluff, nicely produced, good cast, but very predictable. Deborah Kerr, as always, rises above the material.

James C (es) wrote: William Holden stars as an oil trader turned relunctant spy for the Allies against Germany in WWII. Slow build with lots of voiceover narration gives way to an exciting and emotional story with several suspenseful and powerful moments. Wonderful support from Lilli Palmer and Hugh Griffith and a brief cameo from Klaus Kinski. Wonderful location photography and terrifc score by Alfred Newman add to the atmosphere.

Panayiota K (ca) wrote: Boring story that moves so slowly

Brandon W (br) wrote: Honestly, I'm kinda having a hard time putting my feelings for this movie into words. The main character was extremely likeable because he reminded me a lot like myself. I'm not too sure why. Maybe the way he acts in certain situations is similar to me. Who knows. Basically a story about a boy getting to go on a road trip with a rock band. Along the way he goes to parties, concerts, and gets tangled up in a love triangle between the main guitarist and a super fan played by Kate Hudson. I saw this film once about a year ago and just liked it. Seeing it again, I really enjoyed it. I had a smile on my face the whole way through. I used to think Kate Hudson's role wasn't realistic, but after a whole new year of living and experiences, I can say that I've met this type of person before. Living life without anything taken seriously and always living your dreams. Sometimes I wish I was like that. Drop everything and move to another part of the world. Someday maybe, who knows. Overall, see this movie. I don't think you'll regret it at all!

Samantha S (de) wrote: Madonna is such a badass - no comparison to the pop stars of today, she's incredible. The movie was ok - not amazing but I had fun watching it because of all of the 1980s NYC imagery. Also a scene of the movie was filmed at (and mentioned to be) 30 West 21st street which was the former Danceteria, and also my old office building.

Yoon N (it) wrote: surreal, psychological, and sentimental look at life, love, happiness, and death. broad, isn't it? what's so special about it? see it and you will see the irony of this movie title.

Vadim D (es) wrote: There is some humor in this dud, but the jokes are few and far in between to really work. Other than that, it's a sad state of affairs here that makes you feel bad for everyone involved.

Jim S (gb) wrote: Silly low budget horror flick that tries to play it funny but just comes across as absurd and corny. A young Jennifer Aniston stars here and I guess it goes to show that everyone has to get their start somewhere.

Jos C (gb) wrote: tipica comedia romantica, predecible

Jarkko S (jp) wrote: Lapsena tm oli tosi pelottava! Nyt tappajamatojen joukkoinvaasiota ei en pystynyt ottamaan ihan tosissaan, mutta onnistuu olemaan kuitenkin sen verran iljettv, ett tytyy varmuuden vuoksi kurkistaa sngyn alle.

bernard a (us) wrote: It's quite a coincidence that the release date of this British wartime production was June 6, 1944. D-Day. Having gained a foothold on Fortress Europe, the allies still had the prospect of the long march to Berlin ahead...and with that daunting task in mind, I'm pretty sure the optimistic tone of this Carol Reed flick was designed to help bolster the public's morale. The theme of the film is certainly a familiar one to moviegoers by now. We follow a rag-tag group of enlistees - representing various strata of British society - and watch as they undergo Army basic training. In time, even this group of misfits is transformed into a well-disciplined fighting unit under the command of Lt. Jim Perry (David Niven) and drill sergeant Ned Fletcher (William Hartnell). It's not until the 2nd half of the flick does the action ramp up a bit. The group boards a transport ship headed for the northern coast of Africa where the forces of General Rommel await them...but before they can get there - disaster strikes. An explosion racks their transport ship and it is soon a raging inferno. The scene is surprisingly similar to one in Humphrey Bogart's ACTION IN THE NORTH ATLANTIC (released a year prior to this). A very young Peter Ustinov has a small role as a cafe owner. Ustinov co-wrote the screenplay. I also didn't notice his name in the credits but Trevor Howard can be seen as the transport ship officer. Being a propaganda film - it's completely sanitized of any overt violence - virtually death-free for a war flick. Only the greater virtues of war and man need be shown. The USA cut even has an added prologue and epilogue equating the british common men depicted in the film to the Minutemen of the Revolutionary War. Interesting. 7 / 10