Four Eyed Monsters

Four Eyed Monsters

Apathy, technology, paranoia, disease and medication. Meet Arin. Arin is a shy videographer who finds it too much to handle to go out and meet girls, so he sets up an account on The flood of responses never comes, save for one email from Susan, a struggling artist who finds her job as a waitress stifling her creativity. Susan is also on the shy side and is seeking an alternative to the classic dating situation. When Arin and Susan finally meet, that alternative dating situation comes to life as the two refuse to communicate verbally with each other, wanting to avoid bs small talk.

Apathy, technology, paranoia, disease and medication. Meet Arin. Arin is a shy videographer who finds it too much to handle to go out and meet girls, so he sets up an account on . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Nisha K (de) wrote: I'll be honest about this. I liked this movie for the eye candy. More than half the time, I didn't have any subtitles to actually understand the few lines of dialogue, so the visual effects became my focus. The costumes were beautiful and all the love stories were simple yet endearing. The music was nice, but not spectacular.I adored each of Shahid Kapoor's characters. They were all different and considering the time limitations in which they are supposed to be fleshed out, they were quite well developed. Priyanka Chopra, though I don't watch her for eye candy qualities, she is definitely one of the most talented actresses in the field. I've never seen her do a historical role before, so it was nice to see her ethnically beautiful rather than glammed up like in her modern roles. Personally, I don't think she brought much more to the movie, but maybe it's because the female character development was minimal. For the extent of her characters, she did a stellar job.Despite it all, the actual movie was mediocre, utilizing the song scenes to develop nearly 90% of the love. I was looking for more development and only the 1901 story possessed a mature development of the relationship. The 1960s was passable, but the 2012 was laughable - though the use of texting was endearing. The strength in this movie is definitely Shahid Kapoor. He is great to look at in each incarnation, especially as Javed (*fans self), and I think he brings a great personality to the screen.

Jason B (fr) wrote: Not as good as Grave Encounters, which has a similar set-up.

shateka s (us) wrote: that wat i talkin bout !!!!

Sarah L (de) wrote: Absolutely love this film, watched it for Lee Evans but it was brilliant. Has a lot of little stories running through, is timeless and funny.

Mark D (de) wrote: Bolo Yeung is in this, and its great...

Gordon W (ca) wrote: Fantastic -- a real favorite. Terrific send-up of 70s rock combined with elements of the Phantom of the Opera and Faust. Great music, funny as hell, with tremendous performances by William Finely and Paul Williams! A genuine treasure!

Tracey c (au) wrote: It wasn't that good...

Jason P (fr) wrote: Unexpected ending, thought provoking. A bit like High Noon, except Scott's character can't seem to get a grip on the reality of the situation, including how his actions have helped the townspeople. Instead of riding into the sunset in victory, he rides out in self-defeat. Reminds me a little of Lonely Are the Brave in its deconstruction of the traditional western.

Nathan R (br) wrote: solid action film that was way ahead of its time. I watch now and it blows my mind how spot on they were about our future.

Phillip D (au) wrote: Illuminating not just the one chain, but the changes in the industry as a whole.