Four Horsemen

Four Horsemen

Documentary about the modern apocalypse caused by a rapacious banking system. 23 leading thinkers – frustrated at the failure of their respective disciplines – break their silence to explain how the world really works.

The modern day Four Horsemen continue to ride roughshod over the people who can least afford it. Crises are converging when governments, religion and mainstream economists have stalled. 23 ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Buggy B (au) wrote: Yup super good. A bit of a slow burn as we follow country star 'Bad Blake' on his (essentially) "Washed Up" tour, which now sees him playing in dive bars, bowling alleys and as an opening act for former protgs. 'Bad' drinks his way from town to town and we get a pretty good idea about his hard living life when he meets up with 'Jean' a young reporter who is taken in by his former glory days and all the heartache and pain. Bad is the epitome of any sad country song you've ever heard.Really liked this, Jeff Bridges does an amazing job, giving a raw, intimate and unflinching look at his character and is worthy of his Oscar nomination, even if did remind me of his portrayal of Rooster Cogburn in True Grit (except that you could understand what he saying here)The movie ultimately went in directions I didn't expect -I kept waiting for the tragedy and I was also pretty bowled over when Collin Ferrell showed up, wondering how he was going to pull off a southern country singer? He did, very believable. Maggie Gyllenhaal was awesome too, I always like her. 04.18.14

Todd L (it) wrote: Strange martial arts film dealing with cattle thieves, a guy who fights with rockets, and a couple of Jedi-ish old wizards. There are some good sequences here, but the movie takes about a half hour to really get going. Some of the wire effects are a bit silly looking.

Thomas B (gb) wrote: Grade - B+Nobody makes films like Paul Greengrass. He brings a raw realism to everything he does. Here, with 'United 93', he focuses on the four hijack missions that took place on September 11th 2001, specifically the one that didn't reach its target. It's emotional, unbearably intense and profoundly unnerving. Not a movie that you'll enjoy, but one that you must see.

Jason W (ca) wrote: i have always loved this movie since i saw it in the theatre like 9 years ago and have watched it numerous times since then. if you ever can find it on dvd, pick it up.

Francisco B (ca) wrote: Puede parecer que despus de pelculas como Belle Epoque, que Fernando Trueba hiciera una comedia con toques romnticos sonaba raro. Y ms si se iba a Hollywood a rodar en ingls y con actrices como Melanie Griffith, Daryl Hannah o Joan Cusack. De hecho, de los protagonistas, slo Antonio Banderas es espaol. Pero bueno, salvando algunas diferencias, Two Much es una comedia divertida, y aunque el ritmo tiene leves altibajos, en general es bueno. Lstima que sus momentos lgidos sean tan contados y duren poco, porque son realmente hilarantes, con los que te ries a carcajada limpia. En resumen, Two Much es una cinta ms que entretenida, aunque podra haber sido una excelente comedia si el guin no tuviera ciertas concesiones. Un saludo!

Gretchen W (es) wrote: This movie sucks. I am watching it right now and I can't tell she will end up with her friend from across the hall William. It is that cheesy and predictable. I can't believe how desperate it paints her out to be. I mean do women really still teach their daughters that marriage is their priority?! Please!! It is just terrible how bad she makes women look. Please I am 39 and never been married and don't want to be. The movie is could have worked if it was funny and had a different plot and some different actors.. Oh well I guess that would be a different movie! LolOf course she conveniently catches Her guy friends girl cheating opening him up for what clever writing!! SMH

Jamaal S (ru) wrote: This movie was supposed to be revelatory (if that's a word) in certain places. I predicted the movie as soon as they were talking at the bar. At the end of the movie they tried to make it seem like some big reveal!!! Lol, horrible storyline, and it really made no sense. After dozens of time travel movies I have no clue how this really works out....seriously. Even if theoretically possible....plain stupid on so many levels.

Richard L (kr) wrote: This movie is one of my favorites I recommend it