Four More Years

Four More Years

Political party leader David Holst, one of Sweden's most popular politicians, is handsome, funny, popular and predicted as the country's next prime minister. But what at first appears to be an easy victory turns into a grueling defeat as another party wins the elections and four years of leading the country, When David suddenly falls in love, the problem is not that he's already married or that he's fallen in love with another man. The problem is that the man he's fallen head over heels in love with, Martin, is the only man on earth he can't love. He is the Secretary of State for the rivaling party that won the elections! He risks everything - his family, his party and his own name. If they can't keep their relationship a secret a public scandal threatens to destroy both their careers. But David doesn't have the nerve to play this kind of game and eventually the mistakes and misunderstandings pile up and their love is lost

Political party leader David Holst, one of Sweden's most popular politicians, is handsome, funny, popular and predicted as the country's next Prime Minister. But what at first appears to be... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Kim W (ru) wrote: not very good, actually pretty boring

Lori W (br) wrote: I really wasn't interested in seeing this movie, but it's ended up being one of my favorites. Clever story, some cool camera work, and Steve Carell is awesome in it.

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Ian F (ca) wrote: Really, this movie is about Irma Vep and Musidora is fabulous! Otherwise, it just comes off as a half-assed version of "Fantomas" with less compelling characters. The "comic relief" was even funny. However, the episodic element works well if you miss the first three episodes like I did!

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