Four Sisters and a Wedding

Four Sisters and a Wedding

Four sisters try to stop the wedding of their younger brother and in doing so, all discover resentments among each other.

Four sisters try to stop the wedding of their younger brother and in doing so, all discover resentments among each other. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Four Sisters and a Wedding torrent reviews

Senthil N (kr) wrote: different plot,fine performances,well directed with some outrageous twists!

Steve S (kr) wrote: One of the best scary movies I've seen (though slightly marred by some shaky camera work).

Countess N (es) wrote: This movie was much better than i was expecting it to be,its obviously a rip off of The Omen but even with its low budget and the bad acting it was a good movie. Boo Boo Stewart was adorable and played the son of Satan well. If you want to check this movie out it is currently showing on Zone Terror(UK).

Tasos L (ag) wrote: A pretty good dark comedy !

Paul P (ru) wrote: One of the best movies i've seen so far in 2008. Everything meshes together so well. All the performances were good, especially Rockwell. This movie has a scary sense of realism which makes it that much more depressing. David Gordon Green continues to amaze!

Madeline M (mx) wrote: Talk about slow burn.

Jon B (mx) wrote: Really off-the-wall, almost parody-esque Wilson Yip film that is either phenomenal or terrible. I really can't tell. It could have been so much more. Still, Francis Ng and Louis Koo put in some amazing performances, and there's always visual genius going on with Yip at the helm. (Well, there WAS. Before all that Ip Man patriotic bullshit and all those films starring the awful, awful Donnie Yen.)

Lance E (fr) wrote: Hilarious film. Earl Pastko as the guy that thinks he's Satan is priceless.

Jesse M (nl) wrote: Beautiful. In my limited exposure to martial arts epics, this is the gold standard.

Gary B (ag) wrote: This is Pryor at his prime. Forget Rock or Murphy this guy was the man.

Aj V (us) wrote: This isn't a bad movie, it's just boring, it would work better as a documentary or something because as a narrative film it's too boring.

Chris D (us) wrote: Wow, 1969 was a rough time for music, by the looks of it. A stirring look at what really was the "death of the 60s" in so many ways...the ecstasy gradually dissolving into pandemonium as the drugs wore off and the hangover sets in. I'm not a big Rolling Stones fan, but I appreciated Mick's very clear perspective, that it really was about the audience and not the band. At the Altamont Free Concert, that couldn't have been more clear in this mesmerizing documentary.

Simon P (kr) wrote: Very 70s and the central concept is ridiculous, but it's a decent if not amazing entry into the "not quite zombies" sub-genre. Shivers with more money and slightly better acting.

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Igor A (nl) wrote: Mark Ruffalo carot!!!

David M (ru) wrote: The whole "food craze" that has struck the world lately has fallen short with me so going into this movie I had little hope but even with its predictable story I really enjoyed this spirited little drama.

Phil K (nl) wrote: Silly yes, bit ridiculous at times yes but well that's kinda what makes it.