Four Weeks in June

Four Weeks in June

Sandra comes to a new town after being convicted of assault after a fight with her boyfriend. She moves into an apartment where her 80-year old neighbor, Lilly, becomes her friend. But Lilly’s life is based on a lie, and as their friendship grows Sandra gets to know more of Lilly’s secrets.

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Iac V (ag) wrote: Awful, and what was really strange is that there weren't even that many jokes here. This should have just gone straight to DVD and was an awful way to end bad trilogy that should've stopped after the first one.

Greg W (kr) wrote: creepy scary good this one scared the hell out of me

Lee M (de) wrote: This dystopian commentary on humankind is beautifully creepy. Plympton's best work to date and with without a word of dialog mines elegance from the utterly gonzo.

Taylor B (au) wrote: My mom saw it so i think it might be boring

Thomas B (es) wrote: Grade - C+'The Godfather' is commonly regarded as one of the greatest movies ever why did I just think it was 'good'? It's certainly well shot, and well acted (although Brando has been better, honestly), and the first 90 minutes are pretty solid. However, the huge leaps in time are both unexpected and annoying, and quite frankly at nearly 3 hours, by the end I'd sort of lost interest. It has many redeeming qualities and can safely be called a good movie. But a masterpiece, I think not.

Joan B (gb) wrote: Disturbing and beautiful at the same time, and of course, a stunning soundtrack.

Albert D (kr) wrote: Got to love the true, breakout star of the movie, the LANDMASTER!!! And the story was decent and intriging.The movie does show it's age, but it holds the cult movie title proudly.

Nodar S (es) wrote: Poetic movies are always threatened to be laughable and silly. This one is an exception. A rare gem. Truly magnificent work of art and poetry.

Allan C (kr) wrote: Solid western about lawman Kirk Douglas trying to get an old cattle rustler accused of murder, Walter Brennan, to trial, along with his daughter in tow, with a lynch mob hot on their trail. Raould Walsh directs in his typical tough efficient manner. It's all pretty standard, but a good cast and a great director add up to a western well worth watching.

James H (us) wrote: Old classic "B" mystery is rather good. The story kept me interested and it was paced well. The acting and direction are good.