Fracchia la belva umana

Fracchia la belva umana

The world's greatest criminal and the world greatest loser share the same face... now they'll share the same life!

The world's greatest criminal and the world greatest loser share the same face... now they'll share the same life! . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Chris W (de) wrote: Set in Philadelphia in 1976, this is a nicely low-key drama about a former Black Panther named Marcus who returns to his old neighborhood after years of absence to attend his father's funeral. His return is not looked upon fondly, primarily because it is widely believed he sold out a former comrade in arms, leading to pretty much everyone in the neighborhood hating him.Instead of leaving after the funeral, Marcus tries to reconcile the past, primarily by reconnecting with the only person who treats him warmly- he widow of the man he is suspected of snitching on. The film is, more than anything, a human drama about life choices and looking at the impact of the Black Power movement in broad strokes. When I first heard about this movie, I was under the impression that it was focused on the Movement and the Panthers, and that's what got me interested. That it is instead a more reflective look at that era is somewhat disappointing, but still interesting. Considering that there's really not a lot of cinema concerning Black Power, I guess this will do for the time being.As a debut feature, this is rather competent. I think more justice could have been done to the subject, especially since this film skirts around the issues broadly, but it does have ambitions and isn't completely hollow, so that's good. It's not the acting showcase it could have been either, but the performances are still pretty decent, even if the base material is just a variation on stuff that we've seen many times before.It's well shot, and gives a good glimpse into 70s Philly, so I think that those who dig movies that portray specific places at specific times will probably be happy here. As a nice treat, we also get a decent score from alternative hip-hop giants The Roots.The film is flawed and not what it should be (in my mind), but it is entertaining, decently made, and does provide some substance to chew on, so give it a watch.

That Awkward G (fr) wrote: Guilty pleasure...don't judge me!

Kevin R (au) wrote: We all got big ones down there.Stodge City is taken over by a ruthless and heartless outlaw named Rumpo Kid. He anoints himself sheriff and has his own unique way of managing the law. A US Marshall is sent to deal with Rumpo Kid's unorthodox ways. The daughter of the man Rumpo Kid killed to become sheriff. Things are about to get interesting."My intimate friends call me ding dong."Gerald Thomas, director of The Second Victory, Carry on Columbus, Roommates, Beware of the Children, Chain of Events, and Circus Friends, delivers Carry on Cowboys. The storyline for this picture is very fun and parody funny in a Mel Brooks way. The acting is solid and the cast includes Sidney James, Jim Dale, Bernard Bresslaw, and Percy Herbert."Cowgirl? If I called you that I'd only be half right."I came across this recently on Netflix and thought it would be an interesting film to add to the wish list. It was fun and a well done western parody and the action and script is solid. I recommend seeing this movie if you're a fan of the western genre."I'm your little ding dong."Grade: B-

Paul D (fr) wrote: Inspiring personal story from one of the big Hollywood stars of the time. It's a shame Audie Murphy never filmed his biography in Europe, as the western USA is a poor double for Italy and France.

Nicolas A (kr) wrote: Probaly one of the best prison movies i have seen.

Rico F (au) wrote: I have to admit that I watched this movie nearly 15 years after it first came out. However that probably means that I appreciate it more now considering how the film still manages to maintain it's message all these years later. Denzel Washington proves that he has 'got game' once again. He seems to have a knack for taking on roles where the audience is able to not only identify but also sympathise with his characters, and this is no exception. Considering he is not an actor, Ray Allen proved to hold his own on-screen and this was refreshing to see. Not sure there are many other basketball players out there that could have held there own on the same stage as an actor like Denzel Washington.