Fram för lilla Märta

Fram för lilla Märta

An out-of-work musician (Järrel) is desperate for work and when his best friend (Ekman) sees an add requesting a cellist he signs him up. However, the work is for a female, so he creates ...

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Daryl T (kr) wrote: Disney continues the tradition of stripping the spiritualality and feeling and darkness out of Miyasaki movies to the point of boredom.

Jason C (kr) wrote: Another movie I meant to watch a lot sooner, but it was a let down. I like Ed Burns' movies usually, a lot better than this one anyway. Not a big fan of when the camera is talked into and acknowledged at all most of the time. Didn't work for me in this movie especially. The story was way too predictable even for a supposed romantic comedy. The characters weren't very likable or unlikable but in an interesting way. Some of the dialogue was good at points but not very often and almost never funny. The setting of NY always helps a small independent movie like this one. Was hoping for better.

Stacy W (de) wrote: better than most Disney n Picard...the scenes are magnificent

Dankwa B (ag) wrote: Excellent first person account of what it was like to be IN NEW ORLEANS when Hurricane Katrina hit! An excellent documentary.

DC F (jp) wrote: So bad that it was hard to stay awake to see it all. I guess the acting between actors was pretty good, but the story was boring. I just wanted to find out what happened at the end so I could finish the movie and put something good on...

Rachel C (gb) wrote: Such an irony made comedy. Structure of the story made me send a huge applause to the writer. Start to like Collin Farrell. Took a look into Brandon Gleeson's filmography, gonna watch all.

Paula D (mx) wrote: Found this an absorbing film, although the scene at the beginning was almost unbearable to watch on so many levels. Interesting seeing it unfold in reverse and makes you consider just how inevitable the end actually was. Brilliant acting from all round.

Andrea D (ca) wrote: Super cheesy & unrealistic yet weirdly satisfying only the way a 90s romcom can be

Teddy V (kr) wrote: Martin Short proves he sucks and Kurt Russell proves he can't make it stop. It's unfortunate that this production didn't sink before the movie did in the theaters.

Tony S (au) wrote: The young Jet Li boy at 18. Wow , watching this movie you will be amazed how Jet Li has become the best kung fu master.

Patrick M (us) wrote: Of apples and men...

Wellington O (es) wrote: Ginger Rogers proves that she can do more then just dancing. She can fill us with emotions. She can say everything she wants just with her eyes.

Mike V (nl) wrote: This classic musical is a little slow at the start, and Keeler's acting is below standard. But this is made up for by good performances from Baxter and Kibbee in their roles. The final section depicting musical numbers from the show are outstanding. Plenty of leg for 1933! AAN 1001

Ryder M (de) wrote: not a groundbreaking kids movie like it wants to bethis movie has its moments it does and its got some cool characters but overall a messy stupid kids movie that really doesn't make sense and it trys to hard to become this classic kids movie although kids will probably enjoy parents and adult wont

Abb J (ag) wrote: Suffragette: This is an extremely important film about the unfathomable hardships pioneering women had to endure in securing the right to vote in early 1900s Britain - losing jobs, husbands, their own children and in some cases, their own lives. Carey Mulligan and Helena Bonham Carter deliver knockout performances in what is a heartbreaking but admittedly dry and underwhelming script, more akin to a tedious history lesson. Still, the ending, featuring actual footage from the suffragette movement, is incredibly moving and powerful. B

Sarah E (kr) wrote: Highly enjoyed it! Loved learning more about Irish history, hearing the lovely Irish accent, and seeing Liam Neeson's superb acting along side Aidan Quinn! I actually shivered a few times when Neeson was yelling at his boys, he looked so big and scary, like a real military general! They couldn't have found anyone better for the role.They need to make more movies like these =(