Mike Lambert, seeking a mining job, instead becomes the patsy for a femme-fatale's schemes.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:82 minutes
  • Release:1947
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:greed,   robbers,   gold mine,  

Mike Lambert, seeking a mining job, instead becomes the patsy for a femme-fatale's schemes. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Framed torrent reviews

Jake A (us) wrote: Despite a decent cast and some okay car chases this is an absolutely ridiculous and suspension of belief overload borefest that lasts far too long, is way melodramatic and the key question that kept lingering is am I supposed to like these characters? They are mostly reckless and have little care for potential civilian casualties. Now I know there is some of that scattered throughout the obvious comparison that is the Fast and Furious series but that film series actually has characters that care about not endangering lives whereas here it seems like they take pride in driving down the wrong side of the road or coming within an inch of killing multiple people. It also has poor CGI, an abysmal score/soundtrack and a script that is lacking but crucially this film just isn't all that fun.

Patryk K (mx) wrote: Awesome and funny Lego movie better than Lego universe

Kendall I (de) wrote: I just thought that I'd do a quick review of this DVD and some of the videos to commemorate his 2 year deathiversary (June 25, 2009) So stand up, do your moonwalk, and attempt a Thriller dance. This DVD is the most known music video DVD Michael has out. It has, in this order: Don't Stop 'Til You Get Enough (shortened), Rock With You, Billie Jean, Beat It, Thriller, Bad (shortened), Smooth CRiminal (shortened), The Way You Make Me Feel, Man In the Mirror, Dirty Diana, Black or White, You Are Not Alone, Earth Song, Blood On the Dancefloor,You Rock My World. Now, all the shortened versions suck compared to the reals, so I will skip reviewing them. "Rock With You"-It is MJ dancing in front of a bunch of disco lights. Very groovy, yet classic at the same time. "Billie Jean"-It is Michael doing his classci moves on the glowing sidewalk mainly. Classic Mj, is all I can say. "Beat It"-A couple of gangs going through the streets getting ready to fight witm Michael following. Very cool video, with intense suspense and great choreography, as always with Michael. "Thriller"-When Michael and his grilfriend leave the theater terrified of the Wolfman Michael movie, zombies start coming out of the ground and surrounding them. Then Michael turns into one and starts dancing with them. It is the best-known of the MJ videos, since it is the only music video to be submitted into the National Film Registry. The effects are great and classy and It still brings creepiness and fun to viewers everywhere, as well as the choreography that everyone tries to do. "The Way You Make Me Feel"-Michael and his crew going down the street trying to impress a girl. Just typicl Michael Jackson, I'd say. "Man In the Mirror"-A bunch of stock footage used to illustrate how things need to be changed. I believe the feeling's spread well as it should be. "Dirty Diana"-Michael performing onstage with Diana. This is my least liked of all of these videos. "Black Or White"-Maculay Culkin gets mad at his dad for telling him to turn his music down, so he takes his amp and blows his father to Africa with his loud guitar playing. Then Michael appears all ove rthe world dancing with several races. And at the end is the classic faces morphing and turning. This is a good video, it's just not really my favorite. "You Are Not Alone"-Michael dancing on a stage in an empty theater mixed with flashe sof him in the paparazii and with a nude woman showing affection to him. It's a very sensual and somewhat controversial video for Michael, but I love it, considering this was the #1 song at the time of my birth. "Earth Song"-My favorite on this DVD. It contains Michael and other peopel in destroyed parts of the world mourning ove rtheir land, then the world starts rewinding to when everything was ok, mixed with stock footage of animal abuse and such. It is intense and gets its point across very well. To tears, for some. "Blood On the Dancefloor"-Michael and others dancing at a club getting heavy on the party level. It's a very modernized video for Michael. I like the song more, though. "You Rock My World"-A gangster type video with Marlon Brando as the godfather of the joint. Michael and his pal enter the bar on a mission to steal a hot girl away from evil gangsters and burn the club down. It's basically a 2001-modernized version of Smooth Criminal, but with a differnt song, actors, and face stage of Jackson. I believe I liek the video more than the song in this situation. The DVD overall is pretty great with each video containing a bit of Michael's vision, but its flaws being the shortened versions that nobody wants to see and the fact that it doesn't ahve some of his better videos.

Javier F (us) wrote: Ambientar la historia en un mundo futurista es una buena idea, pero la frmula "buena idea; psima ejecucin" se repite. Lo nico que puedo destacar es la animacin.

Michael H (ca) wrote: A fun family film that is basically a one trick pony. Fortunately, that trick is Paul Giamatti, one of the greatest character actors alive today. Also before Bynes went crazy. Sad.

Richard S (br) wrote: Funny,Funny...Funny. They had to hold it togeather with LUG NUUTS

Derek R (ru) wrote: Buddy Cop 1.0. Eddie Murphy makes history!

Alan W (ru) wrote: This is a good movieHow can Flixster be so stupid as to not know who is starring in this picture, when the names are right on the poster?

Lady D (es) wrote: Bought but not yet watched

Lotti K (ca) wrote: Pretty awesome in that overwrought, Poe-adaptation sorta way. And who new Vincent Price was so HOT??