Främmande land

Främmande land

The film depicts two women stay in Faro. Elisabeth flees his life in Stockholm because of a family tragedy, to take care of a holiday village. On the beach, she finds a 13-year-old boy whom...

The film depicts two women stay in Faro. Elisabeth flees his life in Stockholm because of a family tragedy, to take care of a holiday village. On the beach, she finds a 13-year-old boy whom... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Split E (us) wrote: Bad boy film, Period!!! Not many UK movies depicting the streets of London get the acknowledgement they deserve and this does deserve it. The plot/concept was well-put together, the variations between each characters personal storyline is unique and brought together incredibly.A really good watch, if you can stomach some of the real truths behind UK's culture; the idea is to allow to viewers to see some examples of many the people that are deprived from having a 'normal start' in society, as such the consequences of this are undoubtedly real/genuine.

Reno V (ag) wrote: "A FIGHT BETWEEN THE LIVING, THE DEAD AND THE NEARLY DEAD!"- 'Cockneys vs Zombies' is a 2012 British horror comedy from director Matthias Hoene. British zombie flicks are totally in. The movie describes itself as a crossover of 'Shaun of the Dead' and 'Lock Stock'. I must say I've absolutely enjoyed it, even if some things are really over the top. No surprises in the storyline, as Great Britain gets overrun by zombies, but the humor is just brilliant, the gore is there and the many likeable (but very unlikely) heroes really know how to steal the show. The chase between the old man and the zombie for example. A must-see for the genre lovers. With Honor Blackman (Pussy Galore from 'Gold Finger') as grandma Peggy. "Take your shotguns, knives and trolleys, cause we going out!"Terry and Andy MacGuire are two delivery boys who plan to rob a bank to save the retirement home of grandpa Ray. Along with their cousin Katy, the hopeless Davey and unstable war veteran 'Mental' Mickey, the two brothers put their plan into action. But the robbery goes wrong, as one of the bank clerks pushes a alarm button and the police arrives. The group decides to take Emma and Clive, who are at the bank, hostage. But when leaving the building, they are shocked to see that the police has been attacked by a horde of zombies. In the meantime, Ray and his fellow residence are having a party at the retirement home. When zombies attack, he steps up as a hero and takes refuge with Peggy (Blackman), Daryl, Doreen and Eric in the kitchen. Is death coming for them or will they rise up and fight back the undead?

Josas G (nl) wrote: Loquisima secuela superdivertida y subersiva no veran nada igual y pueden esperarse cualquier cosa menos credibilidad en el guin pero A quien diablos le importa? Si lo que uno quiere ver es una pelicula de accion disparos sexo y alto voltaje simplmente complicada y desquiciada con momentos que te matan de la risa asi es esta pelicula y mas aun

Nancy V (kr) wrote: There is so much we will never know about this time in history. A well done documentary, telling the story of children and those who helped them survive.

Michael B (ca) wrote: It was just plan boring and slow with a jumbled story. Could production value and okay acting.

Kris S (nl) wrote: "Once upon a time, when the yen was the most powerful force in the world, the city overflowed with immigrants, like a gold rush boom town. They came in search of yen, snatching up yen. And the immigrants called the city Yentown. But the Japanese hated that name. So they referred to those yen thieves as Yentowns. It's a bit puzzling, but "Yentown" meant both the city and the outcasts. If they worked hard, earned a pocketful of yen, and returned home, they were rich men. It sounds like a fairy tale, but it was a paradise of yen, "Yentown". And this is the story of Yentowns in Yentown."- Suwaroteiru, opening

Spencer H (ca) wrote: Ed Wood is a bad director, but I like him because he's the reason this amazing biography film exists. Tim Burton is a great director.

JessicaAnn D (mx) wrote: I grew up with one of the boys from this movie and was never allowed to watch it for fear that it might disturb me to see him die. So I spent 21 years wondering what it might be like and saying to myself, 'How bad could it really be?'. I had no idea how disturbingly creepy and weird it would turn out to be. I honestly don't know how my friend didn't lose his mind during filming, I can only think that they tried to shelter the kids from it as much as possible. It is the story of a little boy growing up in a seemingly never-ending group of wheat fields in Idaho, playing tricks on the creepy local British lady and having crazy ass mothers. It soon devolves into a series of weird non-sequiturs and terribly disturbing deaths. A total mind-f*ck, but without any real purpose other than screaming at the sun.

Jarrod L (de) wrote: The Maverick and Col. Potter!

Anthony S (nl) wrote: Uncomfortable and just damn right weird, a disappointing performance from Matt Smith, maybe showing signs that he can only play one character and despite i decent performance from Eva Green you'll find that you'll miss most of the film, as you will be looking away from the screen in disgust.

Sam R (gb) wrote: The best film adaptation of Shakespeare in history. This is a violent, tragic and bold film, simultaneously brimming with brilliant creativity and throwbacks to the films of yore.