Wanting to follow the current trend, Francesca, a young teacher from Bucharest, is eager to emigrate to Italy. Unfortunately,whilst desperately seeking support from those nearest and dearest to her, various untold truths unravel.

A Mariana no le gusta su nombre y se hace llamar Gloria. Sus padres se separaron antes de que ella cumpliera un año y hoy, como muchas parejas separadas, vuelven a vivir bajo el mismo techo sólo por no tener un trabajo digno. Son personas que nunca van a viajar muy lejos de sus hogares, que es donde se refugian, mal o bien, de todo lo feo que está afuera. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Amirah B (au) wrote: Nice movie... Nothing extra, just a bollywood movie

Emily L (br) wrote: I really wanted to like this movie, but I found it boring even if it was stylistically beautiful. The acting was phenomenal. However the story was only mildly interesting in a "huh, there's a bug walking across the carpet, I wonder where it's going?" kind of way.

David F (au) wrote: Man is really hilarious. Everyone should check this out.

David W (fr) wrote: Raging Bull is a look on a douchebag hero who struggles to control his rage in the ring and out of it. Robert De Niro and Martin Scorsese make a one of a kind film

House M (ru) wrote: Love Story is iconic that set the template for many love stories to come. The theme song has become a standard in American culture. Young Ali McGraw is stunningly natural beauty. Not a must see, but a should see.

Mark W (us) wrote: Unrealistic, different and dopey... It was actually quite fantastic.The Sci-Fi horror picture, Tarantula, is quite a treat, you have to give credit for 50's special effects with this one... Even though I'm not the most comfortable person with spiders it really didn't hit the scare button, but it was certainly fun to watch!

Johannes J (fr) wrote: Skip McCoy: "So you're a Red, who cares? Your money's as good as anybody else's."

Brian S (au) wrote: pretty decent movie overall. doesn't quite carry the same charm as the play, but Betty Hutton plays a fantastic Annie and the rest of the cast is just as entertaining. Irving Berlin's songs will always be classic, and the costumes are the definite technical standout. a lot of the effects and cinematography have not aged well at all, but as far as MGM musicals go, this one certainly belongs on the top tier.

Michael R (au) wrote: Look, if you rent a movie about kids going back in time and getting adopted by a giant pink dinosaur and expect it to be good, you have problems. This is unquestionably a bad movie, so there's only one thing you should be asking yourself: What kind of "bad" is it?Well, the premises alone is so stupid you have to laugh to laugh at it, so it's a fair bet the movie is no different. That's why this movie gets one star instead of a half; because it's stupid enough to be funny.

Uriel G (ru) wrote: Not only a good comical movie, but a good movie.