The true story of Frances Farmer's meteoric rise to fame in Hollywood and the tragic turn her life took when she was blacklisted.

The true story of Frances Farmer's meteoric rise to fame in Hollywood and the tragic turn her life took when she was blacklisted. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jesse O (de) wrote: I'd like to start off this review by talking a little bit about John Hurt, who sadly passed the 25th of this month, three days after his 77th birthday. There have been many lovely things written about John Hurt online, in twitter and other websites, from fans and colleagues of him. So I just wanted to give my two cents on him. I honestly don't think words can do justice to the greatness of John Hurt and his talents as an actor. Particularly for a man who had a career as long and as varied. in terms of roles, as his. He leaves behind a stellar body of work for film geeks to obsess over for generations. And his talent will never be forgotten, it will only grow stronger. You will be missed, kind sir. Been thinking about popping in Snowpiercer once more to watch Hurt at his best. And the movie's relevance is even more obvious in today's climate. I felt like I had to start with that because, Stellan Skarsgard is just one of those actors who has always been great. And consistently too, yet he's never really gotten the credit for it. I mean he has, obviously, but I think he deserves far more of it, because this man has had a stellar career. Stellan is the type of guy that I'd watch a movie with just because he's in it, because I know that he's gonna be great, even if it's a minor role. And, obviously, that is no different in this movie, where he delivers the good once more. It also helps that this is a really damn good vengeance story that, while not the best I've ever seen, really builds up steam to a fairly exciting crescendo. I will start with the obvious, though, and that is that this movie's portrayal of women is not particularly favorable. Nils' wife abandons her husband after their son dies, for literally no reason whatsoever. As if she blamed her husband or something she didn't do. Nils' brother's wife is also quite irrational in her behavior. And Greven's (the villain) ex-wife is a raging asshole. And you could say that the movie tried to make these women seem the more rational, particularly when compared to all of the violent shit going on around them, but I do believe the movie goes out of their way to make them seem as unlikable as humanly possible. And that wasn't effective storytelling to me, the women in this movie are just far too one-dimensional. And that's not even saying the male characters are complicated, the film essentially boils down to a story about fathers and sons, and the lengths they'll go to to protect them. I do think the movie does a good job at involving several different players are more layers of Nils' plan to take down Greven is revealed. Nils kills three of Greven's people, which leads Greven to believe that it's the Serbians, with whom they've had a peaceful co-existence. So Greven kills one of the Serbians to show them that he will not be fucked with. It turns out that the man they killed was the son of the Serbian boss. So now you have gang warfare in top of a very simple tale of one normal citizen, Nils, trying to avenge his son's death. It all plays out in very entertaining fashion. Not to mention the fact that there's a darkly comedic tone in the film that gives it some levity. Greven, the villain, has some of the most entertaining scenes in the entire movie. One of the movie's coolest features is that whenever a character dies, a black screen is shown with the character's name and a cross above it, if they were Christian as an example. There's a Star of David for a Jewish character who is murdered. It's something so simple, yet it's probably the coolest thing about the entire movie. Because, that way, you can kill off a character without actually having to show you. They can just show you the black screen with the name and you'd know they were fucked. Again, it's very simple, but I liked it a lot. The movie shares a lot of with Fargo, the film not the series The setting definitely helps a lot, but the film's tone and style is also similar. It's obvious that inspiration was drawn from the Coens' 1996 classic. And I don't blame them for that in the slightest, it's a great movie to draw inspiration from. But they do find a way to tell their own story in their own way, so it's not a shameless rip-off. The performances are top-notch, so no complains there at all. I really liked this movie a lot, it's not a perfect movie. The characterization of women leaves a lot to be desired and none of the other characters are really super complex, but I'd still recommend this movie if you have Netflix. This is a very good movie and another testament to Stellan Skarsgard's talents as an actor.

Norm d (es) wrote: Yes, the Audience Score is correct - not worth the time in spite of a fine cast, actresses attempting raunch & roll. Just doesn't work ...

Facebook U (es) wrote: From the first frame it feels like you're stepping into a dream or a children's story book. Wes Anderson's charming and lucrative imagination spills throughout this film and entangles its audience into its shenanigans. The characters are well written and expertly portrayed and the story keeps us wanting more from the mind of Wes Anderson.

Santiago R (mx) wrote: Incomparable producto del cine nacional. Mi recomendacion es ver en tandem y en el siguiente orden: "Esperando el Mesias"-"El abrazo partido"-"Derecho de Familia" todas del genial Burman. Belleza, simplemente...

Mikael E (fr) wrote: haha.. don't even know why I watched it. Of course there is a lot of eye candy but come on ..

Grant G (gb) wrote: Refreshingly Satirical And Earnest!

Tim B (kr) wrote: plenty of gore but not as good as cannibal halocaust.

Simon D (au) wrote: The story of the guildford four with Daniel Day Lewis once again proving that he really is a top class actor. Very good prison drama.

Filippo V (ru) wrote: The Raid: Redeption stata un esperienza nuova ed interessante. Scene d'azioni che mi hanno lasciato letteralmente a bocca aperta, con uno stunt work incredibile. Dalle scene pi movimentate traspira il puro talento fisico degli attori, anche se a questo punto chiamarli attori un po' fuorviante: pare siano tutti artisti marziali professionisti, ed il risultato spettacolo puro. Di fronte ad un film del genere preoccuparsi troppo della trama inutile, sedetevi e godetevi lo spettacolo.

Viktor N (br) wrote: With these to in the lead I was hoping for more fighting, a little dissapointing that they didn't go that way..