Frances Tuesday

Frances Tuesday


A Gangsters Moll Changes her identity to go on the run after becoming informant on her boyfriend, who is just about to be released from prison. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Leo Agustin L (mx) wrote: this was made in 2014? Stellar cast, crap story. There were some "oh wow you can do it!" parts but they were successfully converted into "bleh". Missed opportunities bonanza!

Alexis D (es) wrote: Despite this prequel/sequal boasting better visuals (with the exception of the supremely outdated CGI) it still suffers from a missing tone clear in the video games and an unenthusiastic plot. The differing styles accompanying each story also don't blend well together at times, most notably in the second and final accounts.

Never Truly Gone (it) wrote: cheesy? sure. but is was so good, i loved it. fun to see the band show off their acting plus mason (joey) was sooo cute!!!

Lee M (ru) wrote: Puri is one of the most consistently excellent film actors that his country has produced. And East is East, a grand cultural hybrid, is a real movie, too - raw, funny and wonderfully mixed up.

Aslhan E (fr) wrote: it is a really good one, i loved the movie. Shahrukh & Madhri and the other old guy (i dont remember the name:P) was great at acting =) this film is a hit. i loved the story

Philip L (au) wrote: Lloyd Kaufman's nod to Shakespeare the only way he knows how...gratuitously. just read the tagline and you'll know what your in for. It's also one of the finest independent films ever made.

Maico (mx) wrote: Bad film and nothing new from the Carry On team. A few decent jokes scattered throughout the film but definatly not enough to carry the film off as a comedy that you would actually want to watch. Not a film I would recommend to anyone unless your mad enough to actually like the carry on films. And i'm sure people like that are few and far between.

Scott H (ag) wrote: Terrible atomic space paranoia film with Peter Graves manipulated to steal atomic secrets that theydon't need since they are already going to kill all the humans with giant spiders/grasshoppers/cockroaches/gila monsters/etc. Obvious MST3K candidate. Plenty of floating eyeballs, plot holes, smoking. Terrible piece of crap.

Phil H (ag) wrote: What on earth is going on with the film title here I dunno but I prefer 'Dark Angel' for sure. Anyways this was Matthias Hues big flick for which he is most remembered for, which isn't much to shout about.Very silly sci-fi flick about an alien drug dealer sucking endorphins out of human brains to sell all over the galaxy. Its very hokey even for its time and without Lundgren would be total B-movie schlock. Even with Lundgren its still pretty poor with bad effects, terrible acting and only a few impressive car stunts to hand. I mean can you take this remotely seriously with a gang of thugs called 'The White Boys' that are all dressed in suits and look like killer yuppies.Its a classic dumb sci-fi B-movie for sure but I just didn't really like it that much. Benben was constantly annoying and the whole film was trying way too hard with the obvious mismatched buddy cop/hero duo squabbling with each other setup. All this did was come across as boring cliched unoriginal and resulting in some majorly lame forced humour.

Joshua L (jp) wrote: Fun fucking movie! So worth watching just for Jim's dance scene, fucking amazing!