A medical school dropout loses his fiancée in a tragic lawnmower incident, and decides to bring her back. Unfortunately, he was only able to save her head, so he goes to the red light district in the city and lures prostitutes into a hotel room so he can get parts for his girlfriend.

A medical student sets out to recreate his decapitated fiancée by building her a new body made of Manhattan street hookers. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Stayce R (br) wrote: Interesting and entertaining movie - based on real life Hasidic Jew who got into the ecstasy smuggling business in the 1990's.

James W (nl) wrote: Thoroughly enjoyed every minute of The Sweeney. Most British action movies don't actually have much style and they lack blistering action, and the grittiness takes away the fun, but this film is stunning to look at from the sweeping shots of brightly lit London from above, to heart pounding shootouts, roaring car chases and some hard hitting fight sequences. Ray Winstone is utterly brilliant as he shoots sarcastic comments, awesome one liners and delivers a badass performance alongside an outstanding British supporting cast. The soundtrack is very Batman-esque, you'll know what I mean if you watch it, especially towards the ending. I think my only slight disappointment is that at the end I was expecting some kind epic fight scene between Reagan and Allen, and then an explosion to top it all off, but there wasn't, although there is no dialogue in the last 15 minutes, just the sound of speeding car engines and the epic music thumping. The Sweeney is British action movie entertainment at it's best.

Andrew H (fr) wrote: Have you ever seen the Radiohead video with the guy laying on the ground? Then he tells everyone why he's there, and they all do the same? I just found out he recites the screenplay for this movie.5 stars for winning the most improved award every year.

Leon B (jp) wrote: I wouldn't say the worst or the best but Green Street sort of settles more with youths because of it's fight scenes and violence. I have nothing against violent films unless they make sense. I can see in Britain and all around the UK Football is a big thing, and they really show it in Green Street.

Frank M (fr) wrote: Such a funny, sexy comedy. Outstanding movie. Rent it and you won't be disappointed. Great music

Benjamin W (jp) wrote: The beauty and elegance of the genius piano playing was very much overshadowed by the mental and physical abuse of the father. For someone who wanted his son to succeed so much, he certainly made all the wrong decisions for his prodigy child.

Gerard D (us) wrote: not exactly surrealistic (though it has its moments) but prepare for serious cognitive dissonance

Keith C (ca) wrote: Gotta love he-man filmations greatest cartoons. Not as good as transformers but an awsome toy selling franchise. Same goes for Gi-Joe.

Chris T (fr) wrote: One of my favorites, Wings Hauser is awesome in this

James C (nl) wrote: In Richard Fleischer's richly imagined and deliciously baroque slave melodrama, the Old South is presented as a prison of the body and soul for both slaves and masters, in which both black and white inmates transgress the bars of their mutual cage, with catastrophic consequences. Set on a decaying plantation presided over by a rheumatic patriarch (a devastating portrait of human corruption by James Mason), the story has the heir apparent son rejecting his new white bride (who he is shocked to find is not a virgin) and finding refuge in the arms of his black "wench" mistress, with whom he shares moments of intimacy unavailable to him elsewhere. In turn, the wife chooses to manipulate her husband's prize Mandingo slave into bed, setting all of them on the road to a devastating tragedy.Mandingo is a film about bodies: bodies as commodities, bodies as skin colour, bodies as objects and subjects of desire, bodies as instruments and recipients of violence. The old South is a patriarchal, property-owning and white supremacist hell, but the inhabitants are possessed with sexual and emotional desires which chafe against the ideologies of their time and place. The scenes in which the white heir shares tender moments with his wench, or the white wife seduces the Mandingo are complex and intense scenarios. In sophisticated ways, they push their characters into attempting to create transgressive selves whilst at the same time temping the viewer to desire transgressively. All of the bodies of the four leads - Perry King, Brenda Sykes, Susan George and (especially) Ken Norton are eroticised by the camera and served up before the viewer as icons of sexuality; in this way, it is all the more ironic that the centre of power is the decaying body of James Mason's patriarch.The film shows consciousness, love and hatred being created and deformed in a corrupt society. Black is set against black, but a nascent awareness that this is unjust is beginning to blossom in some of the black characters (and even, dimly, in the white heir); sometimes the old ideologies re-assert themselves, nowhere more than in the tragic denouement, when the white master kills his wife and prize slave, insults his beloved wench and ends up shot himself, all because of his double standards are revealed when the wife gives birth to a mixed race child (murdered in its cradle by the whites); white women were expected to be exemplars of race purity, even whilst their men copulated with female slaves. Susan George's Blanch comes across as a neurotic, sadistic nymphomaniac but it is clear that she is a victim of patriarchy - abused by her brother, sold by her father, shunned and eventually murdered by her husband. She in turn metes out physical abuse to her husband's wench and compromises the Mandingo man. But this latter is a compromise which compromises us all, as the image of the huge and beautiful black man on top of the slim and pale white woman is indelibly erotic, and even though this is not a pornographic film, the implication of a huge black penis sliding into this woman is built intrinsically into the scenario, for the shock, delectation and seduction of the audience.Mandingo is complex, violent and sometimes luridly melodramatic. The characters speak in a rich and textured language full of demeaning imagery and Gothic cadences. It's a huge film, made with all of the resources of a major Hollywood studio - yet its a down and nasty film about an ugly era of history, an era of history which is part of what made America what it is today.

Scott W (mx) wrote: Joseph Cotten and Elke Sommer star in this effective, atmospheric gothic horror from Bava. The story is quite unoriginal, but there are some memorable scares and a very dodgy euro theme tune.

Colin E (jp) wrote: root a pfoot an gang gang! I lurved it, asked!!

Laura L (nl) wrote: This is one of my favorite 80's movies. Funny, entertaining and wonderfully acted.