Henry Frankenstein is a doctor who is trying to discover a way to make the dead walk. He succeeds and creates a monster that has to deal with living again.

Horror classic in which an obsessed scientist assembles a living being from parts of exhumed corpses. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Frankenstein torrent reviews

Aakash G (au) wrote: a "cute" love story with a lot of humour in it . alia outperformed varun and siddarth completly. plenty of cheezy dilouges. a good entertaining movie :)

Marta K (ag) wrote: The plot reminded me of Eytan Fox's "the Bubble", but it was a bit less stereotypical and left with a pleasantly much more open ending.

Stephen D (ru) wrote: This movie was pretty fun, but it didn't make me believe that Arceus is truly the God Pokemon. Though he beat Dialga, Palkia, and Giratina, they didn't make it seem like he's a truly all powerful, vengeful god. They made him seem more like a typical legendary Pokemon, not really showing that he's better than them. Also, they could have gave him a better voice that you'd believe God to have, like Mewtwo's voice. They failed in truly utilizing him as the Alpha of Pokemon. Also, the 2 people who were able to spiritually connect with the legendary Pokemon seemed like an astoundingly stupid idea. I didn't by that at all.

(fr) wrote: "I really didn't care for the movie. It's just not my type of film; nor was I the right audience for it either. I still enjoyed bits of it. The acting is good by most and there was some funny moments too. Plus, just seeing Chris Pine in a blonde wig (I hope it was a wig) dancing around being a hippie was kinda worth it. Initially the actors are what drew me into seeing the film. I don't drink wine so the fascination and the different names and types were lost on me. I'm more of a whiskey kinda gal. So those of you who are a big fan of wine might like this much more then I ever will."

David L (mx) wrote: All I gotta say is, if Ekin Cheng is in the movie and it's a gangster film, you can't go wrong. Hands down.

Anya S (ru) wrote: Although I was watching Mickey Blue Eyes with an already existing fan it did not help me to actually enjoy this sub par romantic comedy. While yes I am a fan of Hugh Grant that did nothing for me, all I can say is, forget about it! There was nothing special that I picked up from this movie, as I'm sure no one else will either.

craig f (fr) wrote: Got to give it four stars for its inpenetrable and rather funny plotline.The graphics are a little cheap however back in the day it would of been a brillaint film.. A weel composed film and is often very funny due to the creatures effects and rather thin but amusing plotline 4 stars , but entertaining film

Jeff B (de) wrote: Perhaps Huston's most beautiful movie and certainly his most personal. You feel like this film never really gets going until the very end when the point of it is really driven home and a flood of emotion hits you. At least that's what happened with me. It sort of reminded me (because I saw it recently) of how "Gunga Din" was also structured in this way--leading toward a beautiful recitation perfectly encapsulating the author's message. It makes you think.

Steve W (it) wrote: When the shadiest looking scientist in cinema history injects an axe murderer with a special chemical, he becomes and unstoppable killing machine that only Chuck...err I mean Sheriff Dan Stevens can stop.First half cheesy action movie, second half slasher. A good mix and some great fights, Norris takes out a bar full of bikers and at the end the super killer. Only from the 80's with its usage of no music at the end and the ludicrous plot.

Liam C (ru) wrote: Although I'm aware this is an adaptation of an adaptation, this is a very different approach to this material. The best way I can describe this film is by calling it a beautiful mess, Fosse is a very talented person who would go on to make bigger and better films but with this film, it is very clear that he is experimenting with various kinds of styles, but still keeping with the original Broadway style with an overture, which smartly doubled as an opening credit sequence, and intermission. Like the very odd montage sequence near the beginning, or when the film freezes for a second when Charity bumps into Vidal, (who I thought would be revealed to be Charlie given how he was introduced) or how the camera keeps jumping in and out during the first song and I don't even know who was singing the song about Lindquist's feelings for Charity, sure it is his voice but it isn't coming out of his mouth. However, the longer everything went on it became increasingly apparent that the film was in dire need of an editor, not to say that I was bored because I wasn't and the film does have some good editing, especially in its musical numbers. But some of them go on too long and some of the weird flair that happens with the camera every once in a while seemed very weird, but given how off the wall this film gets at times, it's fitting, in that regard. I thought that she could show her friends the mementos from her visit with Vidal earlier on but they might have gotten stolen and it isn't like they believed her anyway.The 'If They Could See Me Now' and ' There's Got To Be Something Better Than This' both seemed to go on way longer than they needed to with the second song I mentioned having filler in it, of all things, and I knew the first song I mentioned would end in a sad way, even if she really shouldn't have sat near the door or smoked. In that song, it was weird to see Charity running all over the lovely furniture with her shoes on and it was funny that she called her friends 'riff raff', and the person at the door who shut it on her could have said sorry and surely she would need proof to get into that club that she was with Italian bloke, seems weird how he would just walk off and leave her to get in by herself, sure it portrays the different backgrounds they come from but it seemed weird, and the door later in the house was just a mistake. I don't really understand the praise of the routine for '(Hey,) Big Spender', the song is a classic, sure, but it wasn't like the choreography was anything mind blowing as they stood still for most of it, but 'The Aloof' segment is certainly excellent. 'The Rhythm of Life' was certainly a fun song and a nice update that had a great introduction, when they all walk in from outside, someone on the left reminded me of Joaquin Phoenix and it was funny to see the male singers at one point just shaking, as well with Big Daddy just teleporting all over the place! Sammy Davis Jr. reminded me of Roy Scheider quite a bit, only because I saw this clip long before I was introduced to who it actually was. It was the first clip of the film I saw so I thought it could possibly be him and they even say all that jazz in this film, which I thought was funny, but he's never used again and that segment leaves as quickly as it enters, which seems to apply to a number of parts of the film.The acting is good, Shirley MacLaine certainly brings the 'sweet' to 'Sweet Charity' and I could listen to her sing all day, she's just such a nice entity and really cute with her delivery. Her name is also just so over the top! She originally thinks that Charlie left her because she didn't get a sandwich and if that was the case then he wasn't worth it anyway. I know she wasn't expecting what happened but if she cannot swim why was she sitting on that bridge to begin with? And the people in that scene just seem oddly cruel for some reason, it didn't make sense. True, the film has just started but looking back on it, it feels even more out of place. It does seem kind of odd for Charlie to spend so much time with her and then just to leave just for a bit of money. She's sceptical at one point in the film when she first goes out with Oscar, which makes sense because of what happened but given how nice he was, it seemed a bit weird. I did like the reveal of the wallet in that scene though. Once more they get the original male actor in the production but get a new female lead, I don't know if that's just a coincidence, but Oscar Lindquist did a good job but ironically didn't get an Oscar nomination, like others who play their Broadway roles on screen. I did think he was introduced a little late though. And really, like Charity is overweight in the lift, I know he was getting nervous, but still. You could easily tell it was a set though because everything echoed a little bit. The way MacLaine said Oscar and then Mr. Lindquist was oddly edited as well. I did think it was strange why she just left him when they were in the phone booths, I expected her to be waiting outside of his but she just left. He also says, even the film stops focussing on him that, 'I need to marry someone anyway', so, he isn't marrying her because he wants to, but just kind of feels he needs to and might as well? Nice.The song in the background of the club after all the celebration was over reminded me of 'A Spoonful of Sugar' but Charity really shouldn't have taken him there but that does work into the film's theme and regardless of the very positive cover, this film still does have quite a dark ending, not like the original but for what this film has been up until this point, optimistic and with a sense of humour, even though the shred of doubt was always there, the ending of this film really hits you and I am glad they decided to go with the less conventional ending, the other one wouldn't make much sense either. It isn't like it would have mattered because the film, oddly, bombed anyway, but hey, who knows?After the scene with very nice Vidal, I did expect him to come back into the film at some point and he didn't and I questioned the point of that scene, it was necessary to the film's theme, sure, but it felt like it could have been shortened and that applies to the whole film. I didn't find the film too long as the film did fly by but its feels so wildly uneven but in the best way possible. It isn't like any of the film felt out of place or anything as it is all good stuff it's a very odd film. I was surprised why this hadn't got more reviews but considering how hard it was to find and the fact that it bombed so hard it almost sunk Universal Pictures, I guess it makes sense. Nevertheless, 'Sweet Charity' is undeniably sweet with excellent and memorable musical numbers with charming chemistry between the leads.

Wade H (ca) wrote: Whalberg and Crowe try hard, but are weighed down with an undeveloped plot, predictable cliches, and unneeded subplots. The directing is smooth and the supporting cast are decent.

Patrick D (mx) wrote: There's something just beautiful about HGL's exploitation. And I owe so much the Something Weird Video for allowing the world to see his brilliance.