Frankie Boyle: Hurt Like You've Never Been Loved

Frankie Boyle: Hurt Like You've Never Been Loved

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Frankie Boyle: Hurt Like You've Never Been Loved torrent reviews

Stuart M (mx) wrote: A heartwrenching topic and excellent actors is not enough to make a great film. You also need good characters, good writing, some sort of resolution (even if it is that there can never truly be a resolution for such a horrible situation), and a good director. This film has none of these and thus just kind of coasts on without going anywhere. The writing is often forced, the characters contrived, and the direction miserable. It seems to think that having every camera handheld and every scene unplanned provides a closer and more emotional experience, but it just makes it look cheap. This was a good topic for a film and it deserves a better production.

Karen L (de) wrote: Some fun lines but quite predictible. Like the song played when the old man rode the bike.

Praveen P (us) wrote: Starts well and then loses it towards the end, disappointing.

Sandy T (it) wrote: It has the sequel syndrome... not as good as the first one.

Kenny N (de) wrote: Wow. This film blew me a devastating F-5 tornado that leaves destruction and despair in it's path. So much to like about this movie and so much to HATE. Never have I seen a more 50/50 film in my entire life. When it comes to the art of film making, most directors are like an artist with a paint brush-gradually creating a complete picture filled with intricate details and eye catching imagery. Richard Kelly, director of "Donnie Darko," hurls his ideas at you with the wild abandon of a kid with a paintball gun. I'd attempt to explain the plot, but star Wallace Shawn (whom they slapped a wig on, for crying out loud!) didn't even understand this thing so why should the audience be expected to?! Speaking of stars, EVERYONE turned out for this strange affair. The Rock is the most surprising. This is practically an art film and he specializes in brainless action/brainless kiddie movies. Seann William Scott, who specializes in brainless comedies, turns in a deathly serious performance as a cop. Justin Timberlake as a Bible-quoting trigger happy soldier who tries to fill in the blanks for us with voiceover narration to diminishing returns. (I can just hear the fictionalized Robert McKee in "Adaptation" bellowing at Kelly "God help you if you use voice-over in your work. That's flaccid, sloppy writing!") And then it's a veritable who's-who: Miranda Richardson as the villain? I guess she's the villain. It's never made entirely clear WHO she is. Christopher Lambert! Mandy Moore! Jon Lovitz as a badass cop! (What?!) And he's convincing! (WHAT?!?!) Bai Ling! (I adore her, so I paid extra close attention whenever she was onscreen. It didn't help any.) The late great Zelda Rubenstein! They're all thrown into this pot and out comes a strange looking, halfway inedible stew. I didn't like this movie, I didn't hate this movie, I don't know how I feel about this movie. I don't know if two stars is "just right" or "too many." I have just been utterly confounded by this movie-object. Touch it and it might bite your hand off. I only recommend you watch this movie if you want to watch a movie to which there is no equal to it in the entire film world, anywhere in the world. God bless America, and God help us all.

Aaron C (br) wrote: A movie that reiles on the strenght of its fanbase and nothing more. Yes, it is fucking awesome to see Lady Death bust some heads but not when the animation is less than fluent and the cuts are indeed choppy. The voices are done adequately, but never quite as good as they could have been.

Ajaye S (ag) wrote: [color=black]Worst movie ever made. A turd movie about turds. [/color]

Donald Donny D (ru) wrote: one of my top 3 favorite movies!!!

Lee L (es) wrote: A funny movie, but I was expecting more from Stiller and The Farrelly's. Didnt help that Stillers charatcer wasnt very likeable. Good ending though!

Darnell A (de) wrote: One of those classic movies that reminds me of when I was a kid,one of the best I use to watch..I need this.

Michael W (de) wrote: This is the original film about modern race relations and the consequences of our own prejudices. It highlights the anger harbored over injustices, including those that are unintentional, the lack of trust between those that are different, and the extent of police brutality long before Ferguson brought it to the national discussion.

Jeff T (it) wrote: Hilarious!! had me laughing hard !!

jackson m (br) wrote: As far as directing goes, Billy Wilder is the perfect example of versatility. And as far as "Stalag 17" is concerned, this peculiar off-beat war-comedy fits perfect within the directors oeuvre. It's quite enjoyable to watch the sardonic Wilder weave this tale with a beautiful interplay between hilarious comical elements with a much darker, cynical tone produced from the brilliant performance of William Holden.

Renee C (ru) wrote: Really good film! To spite hearing that it was a flop before hand, it was actually enjoyable! I am a massive Fallon fan, which might have been the reason why I enjoyed it so much, but the basis of the film was light, comedic and nice to chill to. Really liked how Latifah and Fallon DIDN'T get together in the end like most movies do, but found friendship.

Cronis M (mx) wrote: Sequel to "White Lighting" comes off as a comedy and a satire of itself.

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