What could be lovelier than Women's Lake - a magical summer setting near Berlin? Rosa, perhaps. She's the slightly melancholy guardian of the lake, spending her days in a boat, trapping fish and watching for poachers. Or her lover, the polished and prosperous Kirsten, with her perfect cottage on the shore of Frauensee. How does their relationship work, and what effect will the two young lesbians in the canoe have on it all? Thoughtful, complex and beautiful.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:86 minutes
  • Release:2012
  • Language:German
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:lesbian,  

A glorious weekend in the waning days of summer. The protagonist, Rosa, is a guardian of the lakes in the magical hinterland north of Berlin and she is a professional fisher. Her lover, ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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John F (gb) wrote: An outstanding performance by an exiting cast 10/10 best musical direct from broadway this year

Thinahar R (jp) wrote: awesome movie guys. a must watch...

Perrine B (nl) wrote: tres instructif pour enfin savoir d'o vient le ramdam autour de Mr Polanski et ses proces aux US, mais aussi sur sa vie plutot tragique...

Allan M (fr) wrote: A gripping socio-political thriller with a sci-fi feel to it. It explores the lengths by which man is willing to take to uphold order, security and autonomy, and examines man's innate distrust and prejudice against people and ideas not in accordance with his own upbringing and beliefs. Great characters and a compelling script make this a truly affecting film that will make you ponder about the fragile balance between morality and self-preservation. The movie could have been more forceful in evoking emotions, had it done away with the guilt-tripping, and instead ended abruptly with the climax. Still, it leaves the audience with enough unfinished issues to think about.

Glenn I (mx) wrote: Touching and inspiring movie based on a true story.

Godsif S (au) wrote: What did I just watch...

Jake A (kr) wrote: Though it starts slow and drags in areas this cop thriller is a really good effort. With an awesome cast, really well made score, good plot and really good acting this well worth the watch.

Jay M (ru) wrote: I have heard about this movie and I'd love to see it!. . .

robin w (br) wrote: MY MUM'S FAV...MOVIE..

Michael R (mx) wrote: i get that this is supposed to be some kind of great movie. but it simply isn't a movie for... people. my girlfriend just pointed out that this movie was 1 hour and 59 miniutes, which, i swear, is funny because describing it to here i honestly thought it was four. Essentially what I'm saying is this needs more explosions. Seriously though, i get that it was a movie about the pain of growing old and so on, i got that message really viscerally because i grew older watching this movie and it was very painful. I'll put it this way, if you went out tonight and paid 15 bucks for a movie ticket and whatever else and then slept through this creeper my money is on you being pissed that you wasted good money and 4 hours of your life. Now, its not the worst movie i have ever seen, i think that honor goes to either the my little ponie movie, whitechicks, wickerman or that first twilight movie, but if any of those movies had had a famous director behind it, lasted 4 hours, and been filmed in black and white im sure they would have had a shot at being 'the greatest movie of all time"... just like this one.

Peter S (de) wrote: Wow, this musical brought me so much joy. It's a kind of joy I get only from watching musicals. We're familiar with the John waters film, but this one knocks the crap out of the original. With infectious songs and top notch dancing, there is no way you cannot possibly want to get up and start dancing yourself. The only way you could not like this movie is if you have the cynicism of Thomas Hobbes. Or you just need to reevaluate your life, because there is so much joy in this film, it's irresistible. Easily in the top 5 of the best musicals of the 2000's!

Maymay A (fr) wrote: The premise was simple yet interesting. The film itself was never loud and never dull either. Good film overall.

Parker R (br) wrote: Jet Li undoubtedly delivers his best shot, but he can't save this movie from its irrational plot, constant inconsistencies, shoddy special effects, and a serious absence of fun.