Just back from combat, a young Marine veteran faces a new battle to find purpose in the mundane existence of civilian life while struggling through a shattered economy while burdened by the physical and emotional scars of war.

Just back from combat| a young Marine veteran faces a new battle to find purpose in the mundane existence of civilian life while struggling through a shattered
economy while burdened by the physical and emotional scars of war. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jim P (it) wrote: Can I give a movie 0 stars? Terrible, terrible film. But as bad as the acting, the direction, the editing, and the writing all is - and it's really bad - the whole story concept is just pathetic and insulting.

Lee M (es) wrote: What Picture Day lacks in tension it almost makes up for in the writer-director's astute understanding of character and acuteness of observation.

Jason S (it) wrote: Any kid would love this movie. It's just not my cup of tea

Sabrina K (es) wrote: Pas mal; scnario un peu lger mais de bonnes scnes d'action, un bon laisse regarder ;-)

Matthew M (jp) wrote: A nice, if involving and somewhat predictable film that never truly reaches it's potential. The animation pops and it tries different things compared to other animated films of it's kind, and for that I respect it.

John A (de) wrote: A Great Musical Brought To Film In The Correct Way. It's Has The Fun, Feel Good Factor Of The Show, The Bad Acting, The Cheesiness, Which Makes It A Fun Movie, & With It Being Produced By Tim Rice & Andrew Lloyd Webber, It's Extremely Close To The Original Material. A Great Musical With A Stage Presence.

Johnny B (ag) wrote: Inspirational, a must see and truly a classic film on par with Citizen Kane.

Bo O (nl) wrote: One of the worst movies I have ever seen. Not even bad/funny, just bad.

Dean M (ca) wrote: Of course, no movie with Roger Moore is a classic, but this tongue-in-cheek spy thriller with the actor playing against his James Bond stereotype provides some good, campy entertainment.

W W (au) wrote: The final segment is the best piece in this strange collection of pulp horror tales.

Harpreet S (gb) wrote: I really admire Melville's visual style, even though you can say it is a little "stale." Kind of. The performances are just outstanding, no overacting at all. I loved the opening shot and the rain sequence. I think I prefer his Le Samourai

Blake P (mx) wrote: If Cyd Charisse, Bob Fosse, and Gene Kelly don't mean anything to you, then "A Woman Is a Woman" probably won't either. But if they do, then the film will be a hell of a lot less meager, having some spice amidst all the pop art sugar. In 1961, Godard was a hot shot director, riding off the massive success of '60's "Breathless," which remains to be his finest hour. Unavoidably, "A Woman Is a Woman" is minor, showing the director paying homage to the Hollywood musical with varied success. Godard's muse/wife Anna Karina portrays Angela, a young and overtly nave stripper who longs to have a baby. Her boyfriend, Emile (Jean-Claude Brialy), refuses to commit to the decision. Desperate, Angela turns her attention towards Emile's best friend, Alfred (Jean-Paul Belmondo). "A Woman Is a Woman" pays one homage after the other, and in return, the film is more of a love letter than an actual film. Whenever Emile turns Angela's advances down, she responds with a babyish that's-not-fair! frown that mirrors the ingenue sensibilities of Debbie Reynolds or Sandra Dee. Angela works at a strip club that has all the exoticness of the one Barbara Stanwyck danced for in "Ball of Fire" (meaning there is zero exoticness to be found). Emile is the sensible Fred Astaire type and Alfred is his charming Van Johnson counterpart. But the characters never feel quite original; they're nearly echoes of the people Godard is trying to emulate. I find myself having the exact same problems in the majority of Godard's films. They bewitch you with their style, crowding the landscape with snappy American style advertisements, chic actors, and an eye for color that can range from the ice cold pizzazz of a film noir to the gaudiness of a Technicolor musical. Yet it's as if Godard puts the story in his mouth and shreds it with his teeth; even if it's straightforward, it's detached, almost blas. His films are so concentrated on flipping a genre movie onto its head that they seem to forget to be even somewhat compelling. But "A Woman Is a Woman" isn't without its charms. Godard's manipulation of sound swings the supposed score around and smashes it into a wall; the few musical sequences are inspired in their delivery. Karina, always a pleasure to watch, is simply lovely; Belmondo is lightly smug and ready to please as Brialy's foil. Nevertheless, "A Woman Is a Woman" is more self-serving than it is accessible. It is one of Godard's most elegantly shot films, but it lacks the heart of "Breathless" or "Bande part."

Carlos M (us) wrote: This passable remake is proof that you can redo a great film in a different way and still obtain an effective result, even if far from the same level of quality - and most of its faults can be attributed to stylistic excesses and obvious inconsistencies that appear in the end.

Andrew P (jp) wrote: Erotic vampire film, that is lacking a lot.

Jerry F (us) wrote: It features an all star cast. Not too bad. Entertaining. Has it's moments. But when it was finished, all I felt was sad and depressed.

Chucky (fr) wrote: March 13th 2015March 22nd 2017

Ben R (fr) wrote: This is the only movie that can be interesting about swimming

Lee M (ca) wrote: Takes a tough subject and amiably rides it out into the Outback sunset. It's a wry film that remains upbeat without betraying its rough-around-the-edges cast of characters.