Pat Baker is a small town sheriff. His son, Kurt, is a deranged young man with a dark secret. Sheriff Baker's worst nightmare comes true when Kurt escapes from a psychiatric hospital where he was locked away for the brutal murder of his mother thirteen years earlier. Gary, a hospital security guard, sets out into the woods to stop him, but soon finds himself relentlessly hunted by the deranged psychopath intent on killing him and anyone who crosses his path. Sheriff Baker launches an intense search to find his son, only to discover that his daughter, Sara, and her friends are camping in the same woods where Kurt has escaped. Kurt's psychosis escalates, as does his vengeful killing spree, culminating in a terrifying, climactic confrontation with Kurt, the sheriff and his family.

A small town sheriff's worst nightmare comes true when his homicidal son escapes from a psychiatric hospital. An intense manhunt ensues as the dark secret behind the son's evil past becomes revealed. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Frayed torrent reviews

Terry R (kr) wrote: movie could of been better, good cast but very troubled characters, Jason Ritter as always was great

Justin T (kr) wrote: This is just a great mystery that keeps you guessing the whole way through. It also seems to contain a positive and uplifting message. What a shock!

Zeeshan C (nl) wrote: The Pakistani film industry is finally undergoing a revolution and is emerging from the shadow, After tackling the global issue of terrorism in the most impartial, compelling and comprehensive manner in his last masterpiece "Khuda Kay Liye", director Shoaib Mansoor shifts focus to discussing domestic concerns.

P B (fr) wrote: A man lives alone with his marriageable daughter. His best friend kills himself. His wife dies at sea. His daughter runs off with the fellow next door. Not necessarily all in that order. Just delightful. Black life without political angst, full of pathos, subtle characterisations, and moving performances.

Alice (jp) wrote: It really sucked!!! Like Jens said: Nessy is nice!! XD hehe

Hans B (kr) wrote: Who would not like a movie about ones desire to better itself against alll ods and prejudices ?

Dawn C (jp) wrote: i can't get over the ease of pace and beauty in kore-eda's films. he's a new favorite.

Quetal C (ru) wrote: Dal genio di Takeshi Kitano un racconto visionario, quasi surreale, di un giovane e delle sue avventure strampalate. Assurdo.

Steven P (kr) wrote: I felt like I had to watch this just to make sense of some of the more obscure references thrown around by the contestants on RuPaul's Drag Race. It was a fascinating and illuminating look at a very specific section of the New York club scene in the late 1980s - I was particularly intrigued by how it was both competitive and accommodating. I was left feeling that I'd be very interested to see a follow-up made now, to see how much has changed in the 20 years since the film was made - and what's still the same.

Paul C (kr) wrote: In many ways, this feels like a made-for-television movie...if not for the strong performances of both Yul Brynner and Pat Hingle - it still could have done with some more action scenes though!

Anne F (us) wrote: Film noir - a violent detective accidentally kills a witness to a murder. He tries to pin the blame on someone he believes committed the original killing, but ends up incriminating the man's father-in-law. We know, because of the restrictions on American film plots at that time, whether or not he will get away with it, but that doesn't detract from the entertainment given by this film.

Joey T (au) wrote: I put this on at a party once and was physically attacked by a girl I didn't know. She started screaming for me to take it out and began hitting me and asked what was wrong with me. Ralfus is awesome!

Frances H (nl) wrote: Wonderfully moving story of Harvey Milk's rise to political activist, first openly gay person to be elected to public office and, sadly, martyr for the cause. Excellent cast, particularly Sean Penn, who does a wonderful job with the role. This film is a plea against prejudice for anyone who is different, because, in our own individual way, we all are.

Todd G (fr) wrote: The build up is long, it is overly violent, and the story sucks. I prefer the sequel to this movie: Conan the Destroyer.