Freaky Deaky

Freaky Deaky

Set in 1974, a pair of '60s radicals rely on their bomb-making skills on their way to becoming capitalists.

A disgraced Detroit cop gets a chance to resurrect his career when a beautiful actress needs help taking down a powerful movie producer. Rape and revenge are just the tip of the iceberg in a twisty tale that brings Detroit denizens to life, and occasional death, in all their seedy glory, circa 1974. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Kristy H (ag) wrote: This motion picture, although fictitious, really opened up my eyes to how real schizophrenia can really be. The casting and transitions were definitely two thumbs up. Overall i will give this movie four stars. The one downfall to the movie was how there is no way the one clown could see anything with a blindfold on. AND the fridge was AWESOME!!!! And robert kinda sucked

Jase N (es) wrote: OSCAR Winner Matt Damon* gives a heartfelt performance in this film which is based on a true story. When his teenage son gets into trouble, Benjamin Mee (Damon) gives up a lucrative newspaper job to move his family to the most unlikely of places: a zoo! With help from an eclectic staff, and with misadventures along the way, Benjamin embarks on a fresh beginning to restore the dilapidated zoo to its former glory,while uniting his family. From the director of Jerry Maguire, We Bought A Zoo is a "wonderful, warm and witty" (Bill Bregoil, CBS Radio News) celebration of the human spirit.

April H (it) wrote: I thought this movie was pretty funny thanks to Bill Engvall! It also had a cute story, but Billy Ray can't act for anything! :)

John R (au) wrote: 110424: Pretty good action. Intrigued by Issacs (Tom Hollander) but a little let down by his quick death. It's ok.140809: Much weaker this time. Dropped it to 3 stars. Story just ho hum, nothing new, nothing exciting really. Some good action as stated before but that's about it. Felt no passion for any of the characters.

Tasos L (jp) wrote: Excellent.. very clever..especially in the end....! ! ! ! !

P P (ag) wrote: One of the many smart, daring American movies of the 1970s. Reminds me that Sally Field wasn't irritating at one time (i.e. pre Forrest Gump). She even has a girl next door sexiness. An important movie about labour unions and why they came to exist. Worth viewing. Before Star Wars infantalized American Cinema there were smart thought provoking movies like Norma Rae.

Ola G (nl) wrote: Brought to a women's prison in a tropical country which resembles the film's Philippines-set location, Lee (Pam Grier) and Karen (Margaret Markov) encounter sadistic matron Densmore (Lynn Borden) who voyeuristically observes through a peephole as the inmates take a shower. Prone to emotional outbursts, she orders a guard to escort Lee to her private room, puts on a black glove and strikes Lee across the face, but is almost immediately restrained when the level-headed warden Logan (Laurie Burton), with whom she has a lesbian relationship, forcibly enters the room and orders Lee's return to the prisoners' area. Following a fight in the prisoners' meal hall between Lee and Karen, which spreads into a free-for-all, the two are punished by lockup inside a metal box exposed to the broiling tropical sun, with only enough space to stand back-to-back and, shortly thereafter, scheduled for transfer to a maximum security prison. As the lightly escorted bus traverses a country road close to the jungle, the convoy is attacked by revolutionaries, led by Ernesto (Zaldy Zschornack), bent on rescuing his companion, Karen, a key member of the group. In the ensuing battle, Lee and Karen, who are chained to each other, strangle matron Densmore with their chain, while warden Logan is fatally shot by the rebels. At that point, army reinforcements led by Captain Cruz (Eddie Garcia) arrive on the scene, the rebels retreat and Lee and Karen run into the woods. They subsequently force a couple of nuns to give them their habits, then travel on a bus in this disguise and, later, after getting a ride from a truck driver (Bruno Punzalah), throw him out of the truck and drive off. Before being sentenced on a drug charge, Lee was a prostitute for the region's most prominent pimp and drug dealer Vic Cheng (Vic Diaz), whose $40,000 of ill-gotten profits she managed to hide and, as a result, is now being hunted by him and his henchmen. Lee and Karen chained together needs to find their way across the wilderness and survive all the dangers they encounter on their way to freedom..."Black Mama, White Mama" is a 1973 women in prison film with elements of blaxploitation and actually not that bad in that genre. Despite the fact that we get to see the usual lesbian guards, nudity, violence, exploitation of women etc this movie still has a production value (even if its a B-movie). Pam Grier and Margaret Markov are both will powered, independent, strong and beautiful women in their roles. What actually makes "Black Mama, White Mama" really work is that we have the side stories (beside the usual women in prison story), on one hand the revolutionaries that tries to find their member Karen and on the other hand Vic Chengs bandits that tries to find Lee and the $40,000. Meaning the storyline is quite vivid, dynamic and has many colourful characters based in good and truly evil.

Mike B (kr) wrote: Tilda Swinton is sensational.

Bob S (us) wrote: Brilliant atmosphere trumps crappy acting and story.


Lisa B (fr) wrote: Great movie! Corbin Allred is such a believable actor. I loved how the movie was subtle in getting across our beliefs. I know Corbin is in school at this time but I hope we get to see lots more of him!!

Jack S (br) wrote: Honest, silly fun on an epic scale.