Freddy's Dead: The Final Nightmare

Freddy's Dead: The Final Nightmare

Just when you thought it was safe to sleep, Freddy Krueger returns in this sixth installment of the Nightmare on Elm Street films, as psychologist Maggie Burroughs, tormented by recurring nightmares, meets a patient with the same horrific dreams. Their quest for answers leads to a certain house on Elm Street -- where the nightmares become reality.

Freddy Krueger returns once again to haunt both the dreams of his daughter and Springwood's last surviving teenager. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Geoff J (de) wrote: Probably the cheapest film ever made, but has touches of brilliance...

Luke B (gb) wrote: Just to sum up how awesome this film was, I watched 3 other films on the same day as this one, and there were moments where I started to nod off in each of those. Not in Moss, and that was at least an hour longer than the 3 other films. It's a testament to the strong writing and complex plot, just how well I was emerged in the drama and tension. Moss takes place in a small town which has been specifically built for criminals that really want to rehabilitate. After one of the founders dies, his son comes and suspects foul play. He outstays his welcome and soon starts uncovering secrets of the town. Moss works due to its length. Where other thrillers try and condense the twists and turns and action into 2 hours, they often leave out humanity. Moss has some wonderful examples of humanity and some great characters. Corrupt detectives, suspicious townsfolk etc. All living in the name of justice, but their levels of hypocrisy are the secrets. The film holds up due to a wonderful subplot in which Ryu (the son) must team up with a prosecutor he has disgraced, in order to get to the bottom of everything. This relationship is fun to watch unravel, as they hate each other, but don't resort to annoying, childish, petty mind games. He may have been banished from the city, but the prosecutor is still interested in doing his job. Like many Korean thrillers there is a sense of humor, even at the darkest of times. It's shot beautifully, capturing the calming power of nature and the eerie reclusive feel that comes with it. The exposition scenes can be long and tiring, but they are inter-cut with flashbacks that remind us of the brilliant make-up work on show. A great, reliable, genre piece.

Iris R (jp) wrote: It was ok...bad acting, and it was obviously a low-budget film. But it was fairly interesting

Tyler G (us) wrote: Ahhhh! Stop making these stupid movies.

Adam W (au) wrote: A mismatched war film that relies on nostalgia towards the end to correct a half arsed WW2 action flick.Eastwood does OK the action scenes and build up start well, but the story is chopped about afterwards in more ways than one.The U.S. propaganda sub plot was worth a film by itself not in this though, it just detracted from the Original theme..

Daniel U (ag) wrote: This is my favorite movie of all time.

Tino P (br) wrote: Despite being somewhat more exciting than the previous film, this kiddy flick still lacks any real adventure or excitement.

Byron B (kr) wrote: want to see this because it won best foreign-language film at the oscars

Matthew B (au) wrote: What a weak and boring movie with no joy to it and the comedy is god damn awful, the end fight to me went on and in for ever just like transformers 2.

Deric T (ru) wrote: I may have seen this

Mark L (au) wrote: Wow, this movie is as simple as they come. It is also glorious in its simplicity. The camera barely moves at all. It is one of the best examples of poetry in any art form, and a movie I would buy in a heart beat.

Tim S (au) wrote: John Ford's classic has lost a little of it's edge over the years, but it is no way a bad film. Quite the opposite.

Danielle C (au) wrote: To be honest, the movie was definitely a let-down, for all you people who will judge the book off the movie, please give 'Eragon' a second chance, the movie is the very tip of the iceberg. The book is 1,000 times better than the movie, and I do wish the movie hadn't given the series such a bad name.

Mlissa A (gb) wrote: Rien a voir avec le livre...

Nathaniel B (es) wrote: I remember that I liked this movie enough to watch it more than once. So I guess 3.5 stars would be a good estimate for this movie.

Alan W (jp) wrote: Made over 50 years ago and on a pretty tight budget, this is not as bad or cheesy as I thought it would be. The acting may be uneven and occasionally stiff (the real Daily Express editor playing the fictional Express editor looks like he was reading rather than acting), and McKern is lumbered with the role of Basil Exposition, but the script has its moments, the dialogue is witty, sometimes risqu and flirtatious and carries a message that is still relevant today. The use of news and real footage is clever enough to counter some of the more out of date and wonky special effects. Location shots (one in Trafalgar Square is particularly impressive) serve the film well, especially in terms of its authenticity and I cannot deny my fascination in seeing the real London in the 60s in the background (that is until the new print does such a good job that it looks obviously a painted backdrop). Fun and not as frivolous as I expected - with a nice touch of an ending that is fashionably ambiguous and thought-provoking.

Devo K (fr) wrote: An excellent quirky comedy that's as dark as it is hilarious.