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Free Jimmy

Four stoners, five vegans, three mobsters, four hunters and a million reasons to free one junkie elephant.

Four stoners, five vegans, three mobsters, four hunters and a million reasons to free one junkie elephant. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Alex S (gb) wrote: Creative adaption but horrible special effects and extremely cheesy, and not in a good way.

Geoff J (kr) wrote: Uber silly, but far more charming than it had any right to be

Shubham T (au) wrote: nice comedy lil cheap 1 2 so still tym passssss

Andrew C (au) wrote: A wonderfully realised pseudo-documentary focusing on the failed punk career of conjoined twins, this is a multilayered film that rewards careful viewing. The odd and surreal sit side by side with gritty hand held camera footage, interspersed with scenes from a supposed Ken Russell biopic (including interviews with Russell himself), all of which adds up to a film of great subtlety and sadness, in which the characters' real motivations and regrets are left for the viewer to interpret.The music is also very listenable, and evokes the mid- to late-'70s period very faithfully.

Stacey M (kr) wrote: Although not really needed to understand and enjoy the TV show, this movie was excellent, even containing some A list actors such as Micheal Clark Duncan, Freddy Prinze Junior, and Micheal Dorn!

Pantha R (br) wrote: One Helluva Ride like having an Evening Full Of Ganja and Ecstasy -_-

Ethan P (br) wrote: Titus has a spectacular vision and some hints of brilliance, but the director took too much artistic license with the play. It has a grand and extravagant scope, filled with colors and elaborate costumes and awesome music, but it's also too theatrical and weird. It has some ferocious moments and bloody violence that keep it grounded in its gripping story, but mostly the film is a lot of frilly hysterics and jarring visual effects. The dopey emperor and the two sons are ridiculous, some of the timeless props are disorienting (cars, motorcycles, guns) and most of the visual metaphors are really odd. It sort of feels like a Shakespeare play blended with a Tim Burton, Edward Scissorhands kind of movie. I thought some of the casting was pretty bad and they should've kept the story in Ancient Rome.That isn't to say that it doesn't have its moments. Anthony Hopkin's performance is reliably compelling and Tamora's fiery aside at the beginning is awesome. Aaron is actually my favorite character in the film, though. He's cold, terrifying and he fully accepts his villainy. His line where he tells Lucius that his only regret was not doing a thousand more awful acts was awesome. I also really liked some of the aesthetic elements because the costumes had a lot of luxurious style and the settings were richly drawn, even though I disagreed with the choice to include multiple time periods. The film has a lot of energy and style, but it's too artsy and not grounded enough in its very gritty story.

Ashley D (it) wrote: Um...really, Yuh did see dat, a cyan bleve dat Olivine... At this point I watch when I need a good laugh...

Andrew A (ag) wrote: 15th time I've seen this film. It never gets old.

Scott C (ca) wrote: Can't remember this too well, but I know I liked it.

Justin E (ca) wrote: It's okay, but, not as good as carefree "CLAMBAKE"!

stefn birgir s (nl) wrote: The original wasn't really that good, and the sequel isn't better.

william s (nl) wrote: Very outstanding movie.

Mayank F (au) wrote: Storytelling isn't this film's strong suit and the consensus is true but I still am amazed by skills Taghmaoui possesses.