Free Style

Free Style

Cale Bryant is determined to win a coveted spot on the Grand National motocross racing team. With the support of his loving mother, precocious little sister and new girlfriend, Cale proves against all odds that he has the heart, the willpower and the courage never to give up on his dream.

Cale, is determined to win a coveted spot on the Grand National racing team without compromising his devotion to his friends and family . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Ben F (mx) wrote: Garbage trash fire, it pains me rotten tomatoes doesn't do ratings to the negatives, top 3 worst movies ever

Doug P (ru) wrote: Very good movie. Very impressed with Jennifer & Terrance Howard is amazing as Mandela

Westley L (ca) wrote: Not bad and its Fun!!!

Jenn T (de) wrote: She is SO creepy. Good acting.

Gabita G (it) wrote: Foarte frumos filmul

Tim B (ca) wrote: Trick or Treat is one awesome flick. It's one of those movies that I totally relate to in almost every sense of the word. First off, I was one of those metal-loving, denim-wearing, poster-displaying kids throughout grade school. The movie got the whole vibe and feel of that down pat, especially in the main character of Eddie. The character was fully fleshed out here and I loved watching the guy go through all the insane shenanigans. I especially loved his vengeance reeked on the bullies. BOO YAH! The 80s was especially at an all time high with people bashing the metal music scene at the time and claiming it to be nothing but Satanism. This flick couldn't have come out at a better time! Charles Martin Smith kept the movie on such a stylish level. Crazy angles galore, insanely impressive art direction and incorporating songs into the scenes worked effortlessly. Marc Price did a very good job here as Eddie and flowed very naturally. Tony Dean Fields kept it to a minimum which was a wise choice for this role. He did have some over-the-top moments but for the most part, he worked. Lisa Orgolini does decent with what she has to do. The part wasn't that grand, anyway. Doug Savant played an asshole well. Man, did I want to punch him! He does well... Ozzy Osbourne shows up in an extremely small (why is he on the cover again?) but hilarious cameo as a priest against metal... I liked it. Elaine Joyce played a huge slut and died a great death... Glen Morgan was alright here but again, the character was poorly written... Gene Simmons actually did a great job here. I was surprised by him. The soundtrack (songs by Fastway and score by Christopher Young) were both very effective and complimented every scene that was accompanied by music. LOVED it. Gotta find the soundtrack... On the slim downside, the last act was a little underwhelming, considering the time that came before it. It maybe stretched on a little too much for its own good. I also must say that after the character of Sammy showcasing a great concert performance, he wasn't much of a threat to the leads. He was way too easily defeated and I had trouble believing that these kids should have been scared of him to begin with. The violence here was also maybe a bit too safe and conveniently placed (electrical deaths = no blood). Even with its flaws, I can't help but be won over by this film. It has an always affable 80s vibe, a great soundtrack, an easy pace and a rough charm I just can't shake. Another half a point raised for me on this one.

Denise A (ru) wrote: This film is Ok but it couldn've been better.

Spencer P (gb) wrote: One of Hollywood's most dedicated and deserving sports movies, as it takes the perfect story that blends a lesser-known sport with real-world politics and makes the most of it without driving into schmaltz, though the end still feels a bit formulaic.

Denise P (es) wrote: Being apart of a popular horror franchise gives this remake some pointers, but Leprechaun: Origins fails to significantly build on the original and suffers from an underdeveloped script, incoherent editing, predictable scares and a pronounced lack of remarkability.

Josh F (ca) wrote: The movie is great. I can't wait till the desolation of smog. It comes out on Friday