Freebird... The Movie

Freebird... The Movie

See classic live performances, interviews and vintage footage of the original Lynyrd Skynyrd band.

See classic live performances, interviews and vintage footage of the original Lynyrd Skynyrd band. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Freebird... The Movie torrent reviews

Clara V (us) wrote: A really nice inspirational movie. Terrance horward does a great job! Bernie mac also

Vicky K (gb) wrote: black owned movie the different types of blacks skin and how we all need to stick toegther regardless if you r light skin or dark skin

Jonathan B (gb) wrote: Biopic of the 1960s playwright and enfant terrible Joe Orton. Orton's life was cut tragically short when he was brutally murdered by his insecure lover Kenneth Halliwell. Much of Orton's life was sordid and the movie doesn't shy away from these aspects of his life. There are some characteristically wry and humorous lines thanks to a script by Alan Bennett that lighten the mood and I particularly enjoyed the scenes involving Vanessa Redgrave as Orton's publisher as well as those portraying his dreary life in Leicester. The role of Halliwell is bought monstrously to life by Alfred Molina, imbuing him with a paranoia and insecurity that will clearly end in tragedy. Orton, a difficult figure, is played wonderfully by Gary Oldman who seems to relish the excesses and overt sexuality of the playwright. For me, the film has flaws. I would like to have seen more of the background to some of Orton's works for example. However, as a commentary on the life and times of an important figure from the 1960s this is a worthwhile movie.

Wes S (jp) wrote: Another decent Frankenstein story, it's just isn't the most refreshing. Thrilling, but it has a long run-time compared to the other Hammer 'stein films and the pacing is pretty slow. Frankenstein gets pushed from being anti-hero to villain which works to some effect but hurts the character. Some good concepts, while also having a satisfactory ending.

Adam R (fr) wrote: I get letters like these a lot.

Andy C (es) wrote: Absolutely, positively weird, what Eisenstein accomplished. Rest of review in Pt. 2.

Greg W (gb) wrote: good actioner-WB style

Gerry M (au) wrote: Excellent continuation of the series. People that don't "get it" are those that typically look for hidden meanings in movies and/or read far too much into them. The Riddick series is what it is; a kick ass romp of a movie full of action and decent story lines to keep your attention. Each one leaves a bit to the imagination of the viewer. The latest installment doesn't disappoint. The fact that Vin Diesel borrowed against his personal property to get this film out only adds to the appreciation of him from his true fans. I've seen both in the theater and the directors cut. The latter adds a bit of content, but not really necessary to understand what's going on.

Sanal R (gb) wrote: Might not be all that but this film does give enough to get towards the end.