Following the arrest of her mother, Ramona, young Vanessa Lutz decides to go in search of her estranged grandmother. On the way, she is given a ride by school counselor Bob Wolverton. During the journey, Lutz begins to realize that Bob is the notorious I-5 Killer and manages to escape by shooting him several times. Wounded but still very much alive, Bob pursues Lutz across the state in this modern retelling of Little Red Riding Hood.

The movie follows Vanessa Lutz, a poor, illiterate teenage juvenile delinquent who is on the run from a social worker traveling to her grandmother's house and being hounded by a charming, but sadistic, serial killer/pedophile. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Destiny P (es) wrote: I want to watch this

Jaime H (gb) wrote: Awesome movie! I loved it. best movie ever! :-)

Kaspars R (ag) wrote: Wanted to watch because of Amy Jo Johnson in it, but regretted it, poor, poor movie.

Amani A (es) wrote: The cinematography is splendid.

Armando B (es) wrote: Like other heist movies out there, entrapment falls in the middle, good action and the stealing scenes with the plans were very good and keeps you interested. Good acting by Sean Connery and the beatiful Catherine Zeta Jones steals every scene with her beatiful body scenes, this movie would keep you guessing until the end. So for this being a good heist movie with great suspense, I give "Entrapment" a C.

Christopher L (de) wrote: Starring: Ryan Phillippe, Nastassja Kinski, John Savage, and Shirley Knight.Directed by Antonio Tibaldi.Written by Michael Boston.Rated [b]R[/b] (for some strong sexuality, violence and language).Running time approximately 1 hour 44 minutes. Oddly enough, I found this film quite intriguing. I say oddly only because of the film's subject matter, which includes incest and extreme domestic violence. [i]Little Boy Blue[/i] is the story of Jimmy West (Ryan Phillippe, at his most touching and fascinating), a young man whose father (John Savage, giving a fierce performance) is abusive and whose mother (Nastassja Kinski, wonderful) is too scared to stop it. There's so much going on here, it almost seems a bit too convoluted, but when a fantastic Shirley Knight shows up, it gets violent and heartbreaking. This is a seductive drama; dreamlike and painfully realistic at once. [b]*** (out of ****) B[/b]

Chris J (gb) wrote: A rough movie, but it just didn't visually enthrall me. The direction & score dragged it to the ground. Great cast, and kudos to Walken, but just not a great movie.

Aj V (br) wrote: This romantic drama was pretty good, the actors were good, the story was so-so, and everything else was just okay. It is a predictable romance movie in the end, but there is a good deal of realistic elements to it. Overall, it could have been better, though.