Freeze Frame

Freeze Frame

Sean Veil is an ultra paranoid murder suspect who takes to filming himself round the clock to provide an alibi, just in case he's ever accused of another crime. Problems arise however when the police do come calling and the one tape that can prove his innocence has mysteriously disappeared.

Ten years ago, after being accused of a hideous murder of a mother and her twin daughters, Sean Veil became paranoid, filming himself along twenty-four hours a day to have an alibi if ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Cem (gb) wrote: Wasn't as bad as it was made out to be. A sort of Turkish Borat, Recep Ivedik certainly taps into a cultural code that may be displeasing for some, but exists nevertheless. Comedy is made through clichs among other things and in this sense I believe the film has made its point.

James T (jp) wrote: This is sick!! Respecting the pioneers and the passion they had, that we can enjoy what it is today.. wurd!

John B (kr) wrote: Allen's homage to his jazz love was a little seen film but it is nonetheless very redeeming. Penn does his usual marvelous job. Worth revisiting.

Duncan K (de) wrote: McKellen and Fraser give an enthralling look into an unusual friendship that shifts back and forth from the light into darkness.

Charlie E (de) wrote: I think I might like this one more than the first one.

James H (ag) wrote: A gay movie which in the current events of the time shows that the LGBT community has come a long way.

Kevin G (es) wrote: Oh my, this was a bad film.

Bryan C (nl) wrote: I heard so many times over the last four years that this movie was underrated that it was probably overrated by the time I saw it. Much better than I would have expected when it came out and perfectly enjoyable, but nothing amazing.Grade: B

Kurtiss K (ag) wrote: Why can't people wrap their heads around making Philip K. Dick's stories into the thought provoking films they deserve to be, rather than just using them as a background for a forgettable action film :P

Vincent J (us) wrote: was really fun to watch, i liked it :)

Timoteo B (gb) wrote: I really liked this movie because it is the story of a young introvert dealing with the chaotic energy of society and family.