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Devon W (au) wrote: Some really cool slo-mo shots, but I'm pretty burnt out of the zombie genre

Steven W (ru) wrote: Best movie ever created as long as you have a sense of humor

Linda D (jp) wrote: Great family movie! It's clean and leaves you with a sense of what's right.

David S (de) wrote: Utterly dire trite unromantic and unfunny attempt at a romantic comedy.

Aaron B (ag) wrote: An arthouse porno that contains a surprisingly intriguing plot and fantastic character development, but is eventually spoiled by relentless brutality. That being said, I will most likely never have the stomach to revisit the film, which is a very high compliment by my standards.

Kevin M W (ca) wrote: Nicole Holofcener comes outta nowhere and delivers an astounding insight into American hopes and dreams that's breathtaking. A chick flick that's better than any chick flick I've ever seen. Don't let this one past you by. Great performances all around.No CGI though.Even better.

Katy W (mx) wrote: Wow, this movie was bad... but I still couldn't stop watching. That alone saved it from getting 1 star.

Aj V (it) wrote: Two of the hottest actors of the 80s finally star in a movie together! I was so excited to see this on TV that day, it was so awesome. Not only did it have good actors, but the story is good, and it's very exciting. I really liked this movie.

RJohn X (de) wrote: Nasty, mean-spirited misogynist roller coaster of a movie. What sets out as a complicated witness movie, takes a sudden turn into the traditional realm of the fantastic physcosexual that ultimately dismisses and explains the murderer's motive and method.Fabio Testi, decked out in his best eurotrash, yacht rock tweet, beard and jesus hair, is a total creep. First making on a young student of his, teasing and berating her into making it with him. Which leads to one of my favorite quotes of the movie "I want to as much as you want me to, Enrico, I really do." But floating along the banks of the Thames in a rickety boat is not the ideal place to surrender your virginity, I suppose. Especially, considering midkiss she witnesses a brutal knife in the vagina murder! The picture then turns on the "should we tell and expose our love" cat and mouse between the Inspector and Enrico. When the truth is out, Galbo has a well down drowning scene that really makes you feel her loss for the rest of the movie.Shifting gears quickly, Enrico's german wife forgives his transgression when she finds out her creepy husband did not have sex with the young student! Really, who knew Germans were so quick and easy with their forgiveness?The chase the murder plot is silly and frankly feels a bit conservative. I mean really, the sex parties and the drugs and then the farmhouse abortion which leads to madness? This is the sort of cautionary tale that could have been written by the church! The confessionals! The contrapasso! The nudity of the victims! Revenge! Revenge!

Andy P (es) wrote: An erotic masterpiece. Whereas Spielberg was forced into allowing the viewers imagination run wild, Bunuel intends on this as part of the experience of watching the film.

jing b (ru) wrote: Chris can play the guitar

Ruthie R (gb) wrote: I friggen love religious/cult movies and I seriously loved this one for the most part but ugh, the ending, it's not necessarily bad, but I don't like it. I really wish that it ended with no supernatural element. Like would have ended realistically. That would have been incredible, but I guess it would have left Mary's "episodes" completely unexplained and pointless.