French Twist

French Twist

After learning of her husband's infidelities, a housewife invites an itinerant lesbian to move in with them. None of their lives will ever be the same again.

After learning of her husband's infidelities, a housewife invites an itinerant lesbian to move in with them. None of their lives will ever be the same again. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Millo T (es) wrote: Between 3 and 3.5. Nice story, inspired on real facts.

Gregory B (br) wrote: This is an excellent movie that explores our psychology. How far would you go for greed?

Andy R (ag) wrote: Pretty fun and cool, but not amazing. I saw it on an airplane and enjoyed it, but I wouldn't recommend the film.

Brandon P (fr) wrote: Make head first contact with rock bottom of movies

Jbells16 B (us) wrote: Rene is so much better than this. She should fire her agent for picking such a lousy script.

Kimberly T (kr) wrote: pretty terrible but parts of it were entertaining

Robin W (au) wrote: This German zombie film has been described as a cross between "American Pie" and "Night of the Living Dead" and though zombie spoofs have become quite numerous in the last several years, this one somehow manages to remain fresh and entertaining. It takes all the standard teen movie cliches and presents them from the perspective of characters who just happen to zombies; this could have been a one-joke movie and the end result is pretty silly, to be sure, but the humor is also surprisingly witty and clever. Many of the story's elements are actually reminiscent of "Teen Wolf", in that its teen hero has to become a horror movie monster in order attain popularity at his school, but this film handles its premise in a much, MUCH better fashion!

Susan B (nl) wrote: I love this movie on so many levels..There were blush parts but it was really deep as a whole..

Marcus H (es) wrote: This film is the quintessential drug movie. Skip the D.A.R.E program and just watch this. Amphetamines, Benzodiazepines, Cocaine & Opiates; this mix may not kill you but it's certainly going to try. The drama here revolves around the relationships of these friends and family. Altogether another fantastic film but yet again not journey for the weak at heart. This one will leave the boldest of the bunch; pale in the face. It's a visual spectacle as well; for Aronofsky to try such rapid edit techniques and experimental camera work at the time (2002) was truly avant guard. His next visual leap can be witnessed in 2006's The Fountain. Yet another of his signature films, intense and graphic. The performances here though are ahead of their time and the initial NC-17 rating will keep many from viewing.

Andrew M (kr) wrote: I couldn't have asked for a better send off.

Jordan M (mx) wrote: does this to anyone else scream "B MOVIE!!!!" ?

Private U (fr) wrote: Beautiful stop action animated film based on a short story by J.G. Ballard. Amazing soundtrack by Luc Ferrari. I have a VHS copy.

Britani L (ag) wrote: good movie. watchd it wen i was little

Luke S (br) wrote: Buy it on blu ray steelbook edition

Kevin M W (ru) wrote: Mitchum is little more than a big slab of beef walking around in a Macintosh trench coat, mumbling to himself, as all around him conspire in some way to dupe everyone else. He only just holds onto his hat, all the doublecrossing, doubletalking, backstabbing rigamarole going on. Did I mention that there's a bad girl in the middle of it all? Did I have to mention it? And yeah, she's got legs down to there and back up again. I'm gonna need a drink. Make that two.

Noah B (it) wrote: This film by Adam Sandler is by far the funniest he's ever produced from Anger Management and 50 First Dates. Although he is judged harshly by Rotten Tomatoes, Metacritic and Roger Ebert, he still comes out with hilarious comedies.

Stephen M (ru) wrote: God, I love this film! I watched it last night for the first time in years. It's one that always gets an honourable mention in those lists of the great movies that nobody went to see on first release. Thirty-seven years on, it feels and is paced more like a small character piece than a thriller, but I imagine Warner Bros. had reasonably high commercial hopes for it when it was greenlit, just four years on from Gene Hackman's Oscar-snaffling turn in The French Connection, eight from director Arthur Penn's phenomenal - and phenomenally successful - Bonnie and Clyde.Sometimes you see these neglected gems and it's completely baffling how they failed to find an audience at the time, but with Night Moves I can sort of understand how it slipped through the net. And it's not surprising that the film's critical stock began to rise with the advent of home video, when it became possible to re-examine atypically rich examples of cinema to ones heart's content. In my experience, if there's one thing an audience cannot stand it's a movie that makes them feel stupid, and, simply put - and I don't mean this as a criticism, as the effect is certainly intentional - Night Moves is probably the most forbiddingly opaque and ambiguous thriller of the 1970s.Honestly, if you're one of those people who hates loose ends and likes a nice pat denouement, do yourself a favour and stay well clear of this because it will drive you up the wall! The first time you watch it, it's largely incoherent; the characters and their respective motivations emerge more clearly with each subsequent viewing, but there's still no getting away from the fact that no matter how many times you watch it, the movie remains a riddle without a solution, or rather a riddle with any number of different solutions.R.I.P. Bruce Surtees, director of photography, 1937-2012

Stephanie A (ru) wrote: This movie cost me $2 new