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Paul D (nl) wrote: I guess I just have a really soft spot for this film. While there are a few scenes that are so bad that they never should have made it into the film, but the majority of this movie is just a pure delight. Yes, I shed a few happy tears. Definitely worth watching at least once with the family.

Tracie P (ca) wrote: A very good documentary that chronicles the 2005 trial and conviction of Edgar Ray Killen, the preacher who orchestrated the killing of three civil rights workers in 1964 Mississippi.

Bruno L (mx) wrote: It was good because it shows the Hispanic students fighting for their rights, showing scenes such as the police beating them and an interview with the real guy in the end, but as a art movie was not very good. Acting was mediocre!

Tina C (us) wrote: Let's put it this way, if you want weird, you'll get weird. Rapping Japanese kings? Italian rennasaince people? Racoons trying to kill other racoons to make racoon soup? A Japanese Ronald McDonald band? What's going on? I don't know, but it's pretty!

Wellington F (mx) wrote: A refreshingly real portrayal of modern gay life with all the excesses, temptations and complications there on screen but presented in a very human way. The characters have depth and the acting is convincing enough for us to empathise with their lives. If it all sounds like Queer as Folk -yes-there are parallels but Boy Culture differs in that it has the confidence in its script and characters that there is not the need for explicit shock-value sex. Another critic labelled this movie the gay "Jungle Fever" -this is a lazy comparison as the race of the roommates is almost insignificant in this movie. This story is about the emotional walls young gay men put up to protect themselves and how the modern lifestyle of gyms, facials and clubs reinforces those walls. Despite a few jarring scenes, this is a witty, wistful and welcome addition to gay cinema.

Assaf P (es) wrote: Shooting a play doesn't work unless you use the camera to make it a film (not theatre).

FilmGrinder S (br) wrote: 79%Just look at the sneaking cast , man!

jessica (us) wrote: this is one of my all time favorites- a cult classic for sure!

Tanner B (nl) wrote: Harlem Nights (1989) C-116m. ?? D: Eddie Murphy. Eddie Murphy, Richard Pryor, Redd Foxx, Danny Aiello, Michael Lerner, Stan Shaw. Gangster-epic comedy (set in New York about illegal gambling house owner and his associates who deal with strong competition--both criminals and corrupt police--in order to stay in business) written and directed by a great comic actor -- and the result? A disappointment. Lethargic and unsuccessfully directed by Murphy. Cast gives it a push, but it's a misfire.

Mike W (gb) wrote: One last run for Sean Connery.

Jordan K (ru) wrote: I can say Rock Star is my least favorite film I've seen in a while. Even the poster looks like a sappy inspirational mushfest. The film is nothing more than a predictable, lazy, and tired story with every cliche you can name.A small town kid in a tribute band for his favorite heavy metal group follows his dreams when the group hires him as their new lead singer. As he hits the big time, he succumbs to drugs, sex, and rock and roll.Rock Star is generic, tired, and misleading with its big name stars. The story is overused, predictable, even cringe worthy at some points about how unbelievably tame it is and its attempts at inspirational themes. Even Wahlberg himself does a terrible job in his role, the characters are bland and are overdone cliches of hair band Brit rockers. The overused tired scheme of follow your dreams, rise to fame turns to real heartfelt downfall, things are mended by the end. Rock Star is bland and predictable. Skip out on this horrendously cringeworthy $2 bin material. Rock Star is better off as a direct to DVD or even a TV movie...

Tim N (us) wrote: An obvious rip-off of The Matrix and other better science-fiction movies, though it's mildly entertaining.

Jessica H (jp) wrote: The only one who really sales her character is moore.