Craig and Smokey are two guys in Los Angeles hanging out on their porch on a Friday afternoon, smoking and drinking, looking for something to do.

After being fired, Craig decides to spend the day 6 to play with his best friend - Smokey, whose the biggest hobby is smoking weed life. In the film, also from this passion that a lot of things happen to 2 guys only in a brief day Friday. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Friday torrent reviews

Roy P (ru) wrote: Helen Mirren at her best.

Jacob D (de) wrote: This is the worst movie I have ever seen.

Ryan V (fr) wrote: so bad, that it becomes a great film. intensely surreal.

Tor M (nl) wrote: A bunch of love stories done by a bunch of directors, all of them sat in NY. Cool idea, but not a great effort.There are loads of known faces here, they are everywhere. The small stories are fittingly short but few of them invites me to something very interesting or original. I don't have any real favorite segments, but the one with Shia LeBeouf and the Brett Ratner one was probably the better of them for me.OK to sit through, but with so many big names and their potential I can't help but be disappointed.5 out of 10 famous faces in famous places.

Michal N (fr) wrote: It was simply delicious. Harvie Krumpets life in 25 minutes made me very very auspicious. I was enjoying every single scene of this superb short-film. No matter Harvie was retarded, no matter he had unpleasant life, no matter he was made by plasticine, I was plainly blown away by movie proudction, story telling and whole atmosphere in it. 5 stars without any doubt!!!

Maciej W (us) wrote: An adventurous tale of good, honor and loyalty. The story evolves around two main characters. Lieutenant Li is considered a traitor after refusing an order to kill turkish civilian captives and is wanted for mutiny. Lai Xi is an imperial agent whose last assignment is to kill "Butcher" Li, succeeding in doing so will allow him to fulfill his duties to the Chinese Emperor and to return to his homeland, Japan. While on the run, Li gets caught in a desert storm and is saved by a caravan soldier. He feels obliged to protect the caravan to its destination as it lost all escort in the same storm. However, Li is unaware of the fact that an item of incredible value is amongst the load and that many people are willing to kill to get it. The whole movie (aside from a few cheesy special effects) is visually stunning. Absolutely beautiful sceneries, colorful and realistic costumes combined with fantastic music give the feeling of participating in an epic adventure. The multiple battle sequences are very entertaining. It takes some effort to ignore the silliness of the turns the story takes near the end, otherwise it could spoil the movie for some. I focused on the wonderfully developed, lively and expressive characters in the film. The actors playing them are extremely convincing. To people who enjoy Kurosawa as well as western type of movies, "Warriors of Heaven And Earth" offer a bit of both. Suggestive characters, breathtaking visuals and wondefully fitting music create a great atmosphere and help to forget about the unrealistic elements of the story. I enjoyed this movie a lot.

Bert R (nl) wrote: This is my favorite Dardenne film. Raw and subtly-charged with emotional and moral dilemma, La Promesse shows how difficult social struggle doesn't eradicate goodness in humanity.

Tatsuhito K (de) wrote: There are some great action set-pieces and Timothy Dalton is solid as Bond, but Licence to Kill is a little too long and often quite dull.

Carol Ann M (fr) wrote: For a sequel, it was good.

Michael L (es) wrote: Francis Ford Coppola's notorious flop is fill with beautiful set design and visuals. Unfortunately, Coppola ruins the whole thing by wasting it all in a story that's probably one of the least inspired attempts at a romantic comedy musical put onto celluloid. A Oscar-nominated score by Tom Waits is also wasted.

Ryan H (it) wrote: Wrong music, but a great movie

Gregory W (au) wrote: good stuff very surreal like a dream (in NY).

Nate W (de) wrote: "Lili" tells of a young woman (the lovely Leslie Caron) who becomes part of a puppet show act and falls in love with the puppeteer (Mel Ferrer), a shy former dancer who uses his puppets to evoke the different sides of his personality. While the sugary sweetness of this romance is laid on a little thick, it still makes for a brisk and breezy entertainment. Not much staying power, but a pleasantly simple diversion.

Irene S (ca) wrote: pretty well written romance drama about a young singer who decides one night she wants to end it all but is rescued by a police officer. their world wind romance and the drama that follows eventually opens up her mind is what is real and what is fake and finally starts to make the right decisions in her life. good music.

Tom G (jp) wrote: One of the most important movies ever made, everyone should see this..

Trevor L (mx) wrote: An incredible and fascinating movie about man v.s machine. I was sucked in with every twist and turn the movie had to offer and the ending left me speechless in the best of ways. Can't recommend enough.

Barry T (au) wrote: A very very uneven directorial debut from Robert Carlye. I wasn't sure about any of this its kind of too comedic and silly. Jenson is utterly annoying. Thompson OTT like Blethyn in Little voice. Carlye a little wet. It would have been better as a laugh out loud silly comedy or a dark black dramedy. A spate of murder, an inept barber and a bunch of useless cops .