Friday After Next

Friday After Next

Craig and Day Day have finally moved out of their parents houses and into their own crib. The cousins work nights at a local mall as security guards. When their house is robbed on Christmas Eve they team up to track him down.

This is the sequel to the blockbuster Next Friday and Friday header. Craig and Day Day finally move out of their parents's house and to be in a 'pig trough'. Both have cousins work as security guards, so when their homes were stolen on Christmas Eve, they are determined to investigate . . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Friday After Next torrent reviews

Kat N (mx) wrote: It was an exceptional movie and one I would watch again and again!

Sonu D (gb) wrote: Great Film! I enjoyed it!

Tinishia B (it) wrote: The first pic was much better!!!

Tyler B (br) wrote: one of Romero's worst

Wenqin C (ru) wrote: it may be the best work of the director

Monika R (us) wrote: Let's be honest , I love all things Oscar Wilde. This movie was no different.

Kaitlyn M (it) wrote: Interesting, but unrealistic

Maxwell S (ag) wrote: A film that could only be made once. It takes a cliche and brings it down to it's bare bones and makes it relevant to this film's irrelevant style. No matter how crazy it gets, it IS totally sane. There are so many things that, if an average moviegoer these does would understand about this, it would completely blow there mind. But, as a very conditioned cinephile, it was still somewhat of a mind-boggler, but not as much as any average person would take it. It was entirely refreshing, and perfectly offbeat and irrelevant. The Art House genre gets a wake up call. It's not entirely perfect/coherent to itself, but nearly.

Manuel S (es) wrote: Overrated Czech Republic Oscar winner for best foreign film tells the story of 50 something year old musician who goes into a marriage with Russian immigrant for cash only to end up as the child's guardian when she leaves the country to be with her boyfriend in West Germany. Sweet natured but never compelling and too predictable to be entertaining. This is pretty forgettable stuff. If you buy Sverak as a ladies man wooing young attractive women then this might be for you.

Matt M (nl) wrote: After the success of the first Hot Shots film, the sequel seemed inevitable. This time, the film is based widely around the character of Rambo but once again borrows elements and scenes from other box office hits. The result surprisingly matches the previous in quality with its brand of mess of silly humour and Charlie Sheen's charismatic comedic presence.

Andrea C (de) wrote: Escape from a war, love in a dazzling Greece.The dream of life.