Friday the 13th: A New Beginning

Friday the 13th: A New Beginning

Homicidal maniac Jason returns from the grave to cause more bloody mayhem. Young Tommy may have escaped from Crystal Lake, but he’s still haunted by the gruesome events that happened there. When gory murders start happening at the secluded halfway house for troubled teens where he now lives, it seems like his nightmarish nemesis, Jason, is back for more sadistic slaughters. But as things spiral out of control and the body count rises, Tommy begins to wonder if he’s become the killer he fears most.

Still haunted by his gruesome past, Tommy Jarvis - the boy who killed Jason Voorhees - wonders if somehow he is connected to brutal slayings occurring in and around the secluded halfway house where he now lives. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Nick D (de) wrote: This movie is an eye opener. I support our troops, but those who don't remember our past are condemned to relive it. I wonder why the banks always seem to have enough money to throw a war, support finances for genocides, and are willing to fund the manufacturing of small arms and WMDs, yet find it too costly to feed the hungry, home the homeless and find cures for diseases that can promote "progress" for humanity rather than death and misery...Oh yeah, profits!When we Blindly invest in 401Ks which support these types of companies, we can't get upset when "they" foreclose on our houses, take away our jobs and leave us no alternative but to "Enlist" and be controlled by big brother. The writing is on the wall. Least we forget "We the people, ...United we stand, divided we fall" ...the more we give away our freedoms, what will be left for our children's children to fight for? See this movie and formulate your own opinion.

katsist (mx) wrote: The perfect political satire. Enjoyable to watch. Aaron Eckart and JK Simmons are perfectly cast. I love the message that politics is all manipulation.

Cooper C (mx) wrote: It's stupid and predictable, but I personally like this one.

madeleine n (nl) wrote: Love the rest so I have or must see this too.

Vikram T (mx) wrote: it's one of my fav. Karisma and Govinda Jodi is good sometimes. esp in dulhara.(my fav film of him) it was cheesy at times

Henrik H (jp) wrote: .. filmen som ingen kender - var vildt underholdt..

David H (it) wrote: A brilliant Masterpiece that shows the Rise of Ivan the Terrible the Film is excellent directed and the Parts are excellent acted i also liked the Scene with the March against Kazan very much i wished the Battle were full displayed