Friday the 13th

Friday the 13th

Ignoring the warnings of the locals, a group of teenage camp counselors takes on the job of reopening Camp Crystal Lake — on Friday the 13th no less, and raise the ire of Jason Voorhees, a masked, homicidal maniac.

A group of young adults set up tent near the abandoned summer camp where a series of gruesome murders are said to have taken place back in 1980. The perpetrator was a grieving mother, driven insane by the drowning of her child, Jason, whom she believed was neglected by the camp counselors. As legend has it, the last survivor of the attacks beheaded the woman. But then Jason came back, and now he is a vengeful and inexorable killer, wielding crossbows, swords, axes and other sharp instruments. The legend proves horribly true, as these campers quickly discover. Six months later, the brother of one of those campers distributes posters of his missing sister. The police believe she took off with her boyfriend; but he knows better. The brother crosses paths with an uptight young rich guy who is having his girlfriend and friends over at his parents' cabin. The brother ends up at the cabin himself just before his sister's attacker sets upon them all. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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keith w (br) wrote: Pretty poor, ending a good link in

Taylor B (us) wrote: While I like the Penguins in all the Madagascar films, I think them having a stand alone film wasn't such a brilliant idea. I'll admit because the story kind of lacked interested and lost me quite a bit. Few jokes made me laugh but other then that it was pretty much a cash grab film.

Ian R (us) wrote: This was more of the same from Ong Bak 2; I did not think it was as good as the original Ong Bak or even Ong Bak 2. It does have some decently cool fight scenes, but nothing that truly excited me like in the original film. The story seemed kind of small and stretched over the length of the film. I think that this film definitely lives in the shadow of the original, and even if it did not, it was still not the greatest of film.s

Nicole T (jp) wrote: Loveed it and loved the first one

David M (nl) wrote: A movie I can honestly say is straight up boring. With zero laughs & sub-par drama, it lacked depth which meant there was no real interest or connection. Well for me anyway. I felt like Robin wasn't right for this role, just sayin.

Robert B (fr) wrote: Batalla en el Cielo (Carlos Reygadas, 2005)How the hell does one review a movie like Batalla en el Cielo (Battle in Heaven in English)? It almost seems to sit far enough outside the realms of conventional filmmaking (and by conventional? I am not only referring to Michael Bay but to the accepted standards of avant-garde filmmaking a la Tarr or Weerasethakul here) to both defy any critical approach and to dare critics to try and find a way by crouching on the battlements and yelling obscenities. It's simple: while the movie draws on any number of influences (both its plotlines are pretty well-trod classics), it still manages to do things with those plotlines it's pretty much impossible to figure. And I should say that by plotlines? I'm referring far more to setup than I am to structure; there is much less plot to this film than any synopsis would have you believe.But still, I am inclined to offer one, if only to provide the same sense of setup Reygadas gives us. The movie centers around Marcos (Marcos Hernndez, who, like all the other principals in the film, had never acted before), a low-level member of the Mexican military whose job seems to be to oversee the raising and lowering of the flag every day at the capitol building in Mexico City. (I'm inferring here, and I apologize for not recognizing the landmarks I should be recognizing.) Marcos is trapped in a loveless marriageto a woman (Bertha Ruiz) who remains unnamed in the film; she runs a stall selling knockoff watches in the subway. The family is close to broke, so the wife hatches a plan: kidnap a baby for ransom. Meanwhile, Marcos, not lacking in the time department, is asked by his superior to play chauffeur to the man's daughter, the seductive, constantly-horny Ana (Anapola Mushkadiz). Marcos becomes obsessed with her almost immediately"not a good mental state to be in when one is in the process of committing a serious crime.I should probably at least consider warning you that at least some of you (and I'm not talking about the Moral Majority here) are going to think this movie is porn. I've found the line on what people consider porn? to be fluid, so I know this is the case. (In detail: the sex scenes are obviously not simulated [or that's the best CGI I've ever seen], though the usual hard-line porn definition"the money shot"is absent.) In fact, since the movie opens with one of these scenes, it almost seems as if Reygadas wanted to start the movie out by kicking the viewer where it hurts. It does feel kind of gratuitous, but like everything else about this movie, it makes me wonder if I'm the one missing something. That parenthetical about my needing to infer about his job was left in by design; Reygadas keeps me wondering throughout if my own cultural ignorance just has me missing important points he's making. (Marcos' family are darker-skinned than Ana; am I reading something into that, or is Reygadas actually saying it? I have no idea.) Add onto this the fact that Battle in Heaven is never what one could call an enjoyable film, and I'm guessing a lot of viewers will look at that ending and say it isn't satisfying, either (though I am not one of them), and you've got a movie that's proably not going to play well in Skokie. But I'm guessing there's a core audience who are going to latch onto this thing like a puppy on rawhide. The problem is, I can't tell you if you're one of those people; you'll need to watch the thing to find out. ** 1/2

Barb T (mx) wrote: Beautiful film that resembles the paintings of Vermeer in the colors and lighting. Vermeer becomes obsessed, in a way, with Griet and must paint her. However, it is only the painting that consumes him, and there is really no connection to the human he paints. Very quiet film. As it is about an artist, it is not surprising that the dialogue is sparse. The film is about seeing and feeling without knowing for certain.

Melvin Y (mx) wrote: One of the best Korean funny movies I've seen. Actress does well in her role.

Ziyaad K (it) wrote: Freaking stupid, freaking funny too

Andrew L (mx) wrote: Funny and dark at the same time, liked the first half better. It went a bit slow during the second half.

Andrey B (es) wrote: Even though it's an obvious blend of different noir movies the final product is brilliant.

Johnson C (kr) wrote: The search of identity.

Scott N (br) wrote: This a classic 80s movie. Of course i was 4 when i saw it.

Josh H (nl) wrote: As far as mid-80s comedies go ... this one was surprisingly funny and still holds up 2 decades later.

Muffin M (us) wrote: Hercules (Arnold Schwarzenegger) has grown tired of life on Mount Olympus and is desperate to visit earth. Zeus (Ernest Graves) forbids this adventure, but soon a thunderbolt sends Hercules hurtling down the mountain and into the 'big apple' where Hercules seems to enjoy the trappings of New York City.also stars Arnold Stang, Deborah Loomis, James Karen, Mark Tendler, George Bartenieff, Tania Elg and Merwin Goldsmith.directed by Arthur Allan Sidelman.

Daniel S (ru) wrote: this is a great movie. six stars. John Carter forever

Michael K (de) wrote: If you like horror, wait until HBO. This movie is way too predictable. There is a twist toward the end that horror lovers will enjoy and the killer is reather freaky.