Synopsis: Years ago, Tina (Andi Eigenmann) was sent away to the United States to live with her aunt because of an incident involving her parents that has never been explained to her...

Synopsis: Years ago, Tina (Andi Eigenmann) was sent away to the United States to live with her aunt because of an incident involving her parents that has never been explained to her... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Kenneth S (gb) wrote: A decent ending but pretty corny post-apocalyptic plot left me dead!

Joanna B (kr) wrote: How far would you go; how far could you go, to get justice for your family?Unsubtly posing the question is composite police procedural/torture-porn, revenge thriller Law Abiding Citizen. Director F. Gary Gray (Friday) brings a depth of meaning to this politically and morally scrambled film. Gray's pretentious and mismatched style for this genre lacks substance. Attempting to rely on his fondness for aerial shots, flashy cross-cutting and swooping cityscapes the film is contextually confused. Like the predictable and logic lacking ending, characters are not fully explored. Dazed and unsure of whom to villainise and whom to empathise, the aggravating gapping hole that is back-story is unsuccessfully filled with Grisham-esque legal drivel and hard to swallow self-righteousness.Stabbed, bound and left helpless, Clyde Shelton (Gerard Butler) watches as his wife and young daughter are brutally raped and murdered during a particularly horrendous home invasion. Although the perpetrators are quickly apprehended and the seemingly obvious case is brought to court, the full extent of justice does not prevail. Convinced the evidence is shaky and obsessed with maintaining his 95 per cent conviction rate, ambitiously gung-ho Philadelphia ADA Nick Rice (Jamie Foxx) offers the worst of the two offenders a plea bargain.Agreeing to testify against his accomplice, the gleefully cocky and swaggeringly unrepentant lead felon Clarence Darby (Christian Stolte) receives a reduced sentence of merely 3 year whilst his accomplice Rupert Ames (Josh Stewart) is condemned to death. Robbing bereaved father and husband Shelton of the justice he so desires.Ten years on, the opportunistic Rice (now moving even higher on the political food chain) attends Ames's unusual execution. The standard poisons used for his lethal injection have been tampered with effectively resulting in another murder.Basking in his short lived freedom, Darby is instantly implicated and his apprehension is ordered. Luckily, Darby receives a phone call aiding in his evasion of capture. However, this assistance is foe not friend, provided by the now vigilante Shelton. Leading Darby directly to his own unspeakably torturous demise.The gruesome blood-drenched aftermath sees Darby dispatched in the most unpleasant way imaginable. Limbs, eyelids and gentiles severed, diced and sliced with a hacksaw, bolt cutters and a Stanley knife there is only one conclusion for authorities, who could want this kind of retribution?Willingly captured and held in solitary confinement, Rice begins to realise Shelton is not the simple mild-mannered man he once seemed. Vowing the murderous mayhem will continue if Rice does not comply with his demands Sheldon flips from betrayed victim to unhinged madman.''I'm going to bring the whole diseased, corrupt temple down on your head'' Shelton's moral campaign of revenge sees a series of and tactical indiscriminate slaughters asserted against anyone and everyone who failed him and his family. As Rice attempts to prevent the next of Shelton's calculated and infuriating riddles on his quest for retribution, the entire city of Philadelphia becomes hostage.Rising above similarly-plotted B-movies, Law Abiding Citizen's implicit criticism of the US legal system makes a good attempt to grind the slow turn of America's wheels of justice system to a shuddering halt. Enjoyable to a point, Gray's lack of genre experience is ever present. Reminiscent of a younger Mel Gibson style, crooked-smile Butler's rumpled and unassuming approach is easy to believe. Sadly however, Foxx's consistent need to over act comes across as disingenuous and overdone leaving viewers pining for the days of Denzel Washington.In the context of how it would have been cast 10-15 years ago, another slightly disturbing observation was made. The graphic and highly disturbing murders and the way in which they were conducted have a definite torture-porn horror quality to them which shockingly did not upset or even register viewers, just how desensitised are we becoming? The Verdict: Attempting to balance the blind ladies scales of justice, Law Abiding Citizen barely makes her sway. Perplexing viewers by offering merely well thought out and creative executions this film is no enemy of society as its characters pose. Published: The Queanbeyan AgeDate of Publication: 12/02/2010

Hallvard (us) wrote: Beutiful, Surrealistic and so so real.

Antoni G (fr) wrote: A truly harsh yet enlightening depiction of peer pressure and bullying. A must watch for both teens and parents.

Aubrey K (es) wrote: Fucking hilarious, and educational about BDSM.

Zain K (de) wrote: Excellent piece of art!Very philosophical.

Grant H (kr) wrote: Very good movie. Very funny, somewhat clever, incredible cast.

Steve P (ru) wrote: Very enjoyable low-budget biopic that bounces back and forth between telling the story of his boxing career and a sub-plot involving the Rock in his retirement years.. With abrasive moments as well as touching ones, this movie definitely gives the Brockton Blockbuster a good deal of justice. Favreau portrays all of Marciano's highs and lows, from his nearly killing a man in the ring, to the war with the legendary Joe Louis, in a very sincere fashion.. Rocky Marciano will forever be undefeated, but his tale was a bittersweet one and this movie does a good a job as any at capturing that. Definitely worth the watch if you have an hour and a half to kill..

Dabney J (it) wrote: this movie makes me so happy i want it t come out on dvd. I love the banter , the characters are true and real. the setting is beautiful and it is just a smart movie that all women would appreciate!

Ed B (br) wrote: GREAT movie! It was a great way to close out the ALF TV series.

Movie K (ag) wrote: The english title is misleading as this isn't a sequel at all. I miss the first few minutes of the show. I say this is just one of those average action movie. Donnie Yen is an ex-cop, on the run from gangster with lawyer Rosamund Kwan. She's the lawyer hired by his ex-wife for divorce. The gangster think she stolen their money. David Wu is also gangster whose boss Lo Lieh have another man Robin Shou. David also want to know where's the money and works with them. After fighting here, chasing there, Rosamund think she know where's the money - under the lift shaft. Donnie and David retrieve the money and celebrate. David make Donnie drunk and going to expose the bad doings of Robin. But he has kill Lo Lieh and wanna be the big boss. He fight David and kills him. Donnie and Rosamund arrive to save him too late. He fight a henchman John Salvitti with samurai sword and win. Robin continue to do his drug business and Donnie with his cop friend crash the party. Donnie fight Michael Woods and win. Next he fight Robin who is tough. Rosamund strike a big pole from behind his head and he died.

Paul C (mx) wrote: A few good moments - but mostly a little under-par. How it ever made it onto the Video Nasties list however, I have no idea! Just shows how silly all that business was...

Adam L D (nl) wrote: Pushing the limits of good taste, Bronson hunts down the gang of rapists that finally rape and cause indirectly his daughters death and with each killing gets more graphic but proves that they deserve to be bumped off for there evil misdeeds. 2nd least fav of the Death Wish movies

Jen R (fr) wrote: Very cute movie and probably groundbreaking in its time for Asian-Americans having an all Asian cast (except for the white criminal lol). There are some stereotypes thrown in and most of the actors spoke like game show hosts, but well done for the 50/60's and such a beautiful cast!

Devin G (mx) wrote: If you are a die hard Halloween fan, you probably will still see this as a truly disappointing film. It does a lot new, but nothing new that is good. It almost killed the entire franchise and there is very little I can say positive other than a few stand out moments. Watch it if only to say you did.

Ken R (es) wrote: Just a brutal, brutal movie! This thing is amazing. Definitely have some friends over to watch. It's got Christopher Plummer and David Hasslehoff in one of the worst space operas ever to play out. You will need others around to help you mock this poorly executed, ridiculous movie. Some of my favourite moments of shame: 1. When their ship is being attacked. The crew flees out the window ... in space! 2. The "Green Ray"