Friends: Naki on the Monster Island

Friends: Naki on the Monster Island


Offshore, shrouded in fog, there is a mysterious island that is said to be the home of a family of monsters. It is strictly forbidden to approach it. But one day a human child, Mushroom, it loses and coming face to face with the mysterious creatures that live there. The arrival of Mushroom, makes panic on the island because the monsters are actually terrified of living humans. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Friends: Naki on the Monster Island torrent reviews

Carlos M (it) wrote: These guys are brilliant and I could watch their conversations for hours straight, but the movie also starts to sadly resemble a pamphlet for the "cause" instead of promoting more meaningful discussions that could really speak to people. Even so, I would recommend it to everyone.

Emily W (fr) wrote: The most eye opening documentary I've ever seen. Worth all the time in the world, and a must see for everybody. Could not recommend it more highly.

ariane l (ag) wrote: que j'aime fred pellerin, il est bon et comique et villageux... le conte est trs bien port l'cran, les comdiens sont pittoresques souhaits...

Ascel K (ag) wrote: I didn't understand much of it to be was boring :/

Pat M (jp) wrote: very amusingly pleasing flick-funny and entertaining.

Charlie P (es) wrote: one of the best by HRISHIKESH Da

Daniel K (it) wrote: Cute. The heist itself wasn't too realistic, but it was amusing and intriguing.

Juli N (gb) wrote: All about style and being tragically hip!

Rachel M (us) wrote: i'm looking forward to see the captain america's 2nd avenger. =]


Peter P (ag) wrote: Very stylized, and incredibly dated, yet I still like this movie, and it set off a couple of great film careers in Angelina Jolie and Jonny Lee Miller.

Jerry F (ca) wrote: Gritty western. I quite enjoyed it. Believable until the last 30 minutes in the desert, when some strange people popped up in the middle of nowhere ? Otherwise very good.

Luke P (ca) wrote: Well written, sharply directed and featuring an excellent performance by Brad Davis. Midnight Express is a dark and brutal tale of one man's experience in jail.