Fright Night

Fright Night

The stooges are managers of "Chopper", a beefy boxer, and they bet their bank roll on his next fight. When a gangster tells them to have Chopper lose or they'll lose their lives, the boys decide to play along. They try to soften Chopper up by feeding him rich food and having him spend time with their friend Kitty. The fight gets canceled when Kitty dumps Chopper for his opponent and the two boxers engage in some pre-match fisticuffs that result in a broken hand for the opponent. The stooges think they've put one over on the gangsters, only to have the bad guys corner them in a deserted warehouse. Instead of being rubbed out, the boys capture the crooks and get a reward.

The stooges are managers of "Chopper", a beefy boxer, and they bet their bank roll on his next fight. When a gangster tells them to have Chopper lose or they'll lose their lives, the boys ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Nicola W (ru) wrote: A decent adaption not that I've read the book, but this film was pretty gruesome. Great from Maria Bello, who sets out on getting revenge on the guy who raped her.

Faith B (ca) wrote: love this movie its amazing

Tyson P (de) wrote: not original but still pretty badass

Macdara B (au) wrote: Amazing documentary that is full of soul and spirit

Noname (au) wrote: I like Jackie Chan movies so i had to watch this and i heard good things about it. The movie was fun sometime with a few great action scenes but a bit slow sometimes aswell and its was a bit to long movie. Anyway nice to see Jackie and Biao Yuen again acting together. Now i want to see Rush Hour 3 !

Kristopher E (nl) wrote: The world is falling into chaos. As he roams a crumbling city, Duncan MacLeod, the Highlander, remembers happier times before the love of his life left... Hopeless and alone, MacLeod finds his way to a band of immortal companions, including his mysterious friend Mythos, and a mortal, Watcher Joe Dawson. Together this small group sets out on a quest to find the origin of the first Immortal and The Source of their immortality. Ok . For a film this epically flawed it needs a epic (and flawed ha-ha) review . Where to start . Well my guess is this film was supposed to be heading to cinemas . Of course anyone who sits through this celluloid abortion will know exactly why it was thrown in to the fiery abyss known as the sci-fi channel,s premier slot . I, actually like the original highlander and I can even (thanks mostly to ironsides) watch the second which has always been the red headed step child to the first and didn,t make a whole lot of sense . But this film goes one further almost daring the viewer to not watch to the end .So no Christopher Lambert this time just Adrian Paul who in my opinion has a likable on screen persona . Unfortunately that isn,t present it,s as if he knew this was a dead cause before the camera,s started rolling . Ill try to split this in to different sections to convey the horror I endured. STORYIt,s the future some where in Europe (because it,s cheaper to film in Europe folks) and Duncan Macleod is living inside a giant coat . He enjoys jumping from buildings and stopping rapists (in a tour de force of slapstick ineptness he apologises for saving the would be rape victim by saying ,..."im sorry I thought you was some one else,,? as if he wouldn,t have bothered had he known)anyway so he then finds out that his estranged wife (who hasn,t been mentioned throughout the series and the fourth film Endgame) is having visions of planets and is told by a spooky voice coming from a child to seek the source. So they band together with the series main stays Joe Dawson and Mythos joining in the shenanigans as well as two other characters Cardinal Giovanni,s and Richie (not the Richie from the TV show I must stress) so off they go on an adventure that sees them come up against cannibal bikers and a new foe called the guardian that can move really fast ( and wait until you see that speed effect in motion) and a really small budget that just brings it all further down (some of the effects in this film are amazing in there ineptness ) . So the immortals are no longer immortals as it is explained they lose there immortality when there close to the source . Hold on no immortals . . Some kind of new age bollocks about the alignment of the planets. Adrian Paul trying to look interested ( I only just learnt he was the producer of this atrocity too. shame on him) and in the end he has a child . That was the prize kids he could have a child . Not like the prize in part one . Not the knowledge of all living things each mans thoughts and dreams are yours to know shtick this time kids . MUSICThe music of this film is pretty fucking dire ,, I mean really fucking bad . It,s all redone queen ,,.badly redone queen (Couldn,t they use the originals or something ) it sounds like some dodgy American wieners singing queens songs ,,which is what it is so I guess they got what they paid for . CHARACTERSUrghh it,s as if they did this on purpose mythos is now C3PO the guardian is a one liner (bad one liner I should add) spouting villain . Adrian Paul cant be arsed and the emoting as Joe Dawson dies is beyond hilarity . FINAL THOUGHTSIn short I hope this is enough to stop you seeing this film . I'm trying to help you people that's why I'v wrote this review to save you all from this mess . If you have seen this then you will know what I mean . and I'm sorry for you , for you have endured something truly horrific.

Bryant E (it) wrote: aaaaaaaar the end made me want to punch a baby in the face

Blake G (mx) wrote: big Sally Field fan!!!

Heri C (us) wrote: Segundas partes...Y aqui es cierto. Todavia esta fresco el car chasing de la primera parte.

Pete S (br) wrote: Yul Brynner is awesome and chews up the scenery good as the lead character- a proud and die-hard Cossack who gets into it with his oldest son (a slightly out of place Tony Curtis) when he falls in love with a Polish woman- an enemy of the Cossack's. The direction is pretty sharp and never slow, and the music is just terrific- it's an epic without an excessive running time. The costumes are cool, and the battle scenes (for the time AND in general) arepretty cool and well done. The films is a little flawed, but still worth checking out.