A first person narrative of a gay serial killer explores violence, sexuality, and imagination.

A first person narrative of the exploits of a gay serial killer in deeply disturbing, controversial drama about violence, sexuality, and the imagination. Dennis, the main character, whose ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Leon B (br) wrote: Review:I really enjoyed this documentary about the golden years of Man United when they won the treble.its a in depth look about who the 6 players who grew up together, became football heroes. It's good to see that they stayed closes friends, no matter how famous they got. I can clearly remember when they won the treble so it was good to see what happened behind the scenes. All of them brought something different to the table, which made the team at that time, so versatile and great to watch. If your a football fan, then you would enjoy this documentary and the interviews between all of the footballers were great to watch. Enjoyable!Round-Up:It was good to see Cantona talking about his old days at Man U, but I would have liked to see some of the other players like Cole and Hughes. David Beckham is obviously the biggest star out of the lot of them, but when you see him in this documentary, he actually seemed on the same level as the rest of the team. Alex Ferguson makes an appearance, but he doesn't really go into depth about his time with the club. You don't get any deep secrets about that period, which would have made this a must watch, but you do get a little insight about how it is to play in one of the biggest teams of its time. Shame that there doing so bad now that Ferguson has left.Budget: $1.25millionWorldwide Gross: N/AI recommend this movie to people who are into there football documentaries about Man U when they were at there peak. 5/10

Christine A (ca) wrote: This will be for class, HRM 533

Kaspar S (es) wrote: Tense breakup movie set in Prague.

Michael D (de) wrote: beautiful beautiful story and fabulous characters. loved it!

Blake H (jp) wrote: Dreadful. Absolutely awful from all angles.

Asa B (jp) wrote: It came across as a depressing TV movie, but still kept me watching to the end.

Andrew P (br) wrote: It's always a great experience when you take something you're familiar with and find out the whole true story behind it. The musical performances are fantastic as well.

Tony O (gb) wrote: This was actually really funny. Wrong on so many levels but still funny.

Samir S (fr) wrote: Shoots adrenaline levels sky high...

Codie E (us) wrote: It's a real shame now that Bruce Jones and Ricky Tomlinson will only ever be seen as Les Battersby and Jim Royle because both actors are typical of Loach's ethos, both a working class men drenched in realism and stripped of any vanity or pretence. These types of gritty ever day lives really hinge on whether we care for the characters and their plights and i certainly cared about these people after the first scene. Also the film is a great social commentator without ever directly pointing fingers. It is obvious the government is being lined in the cross hairs but never once do we hear a character directly blame them.

E L (jp) wrote: Although several things are missing from this adaption, it still serves faithful to the source material, and is brutally underrated.

Kirat P (jp) wrote: it is one of my favourite films

Camille L (de) wrote: Pendant prs d'une heure, Dirty Rotten Scoundrels est furieusement drle grce au duo parfait compos de Michael Caine et Steve Martin. Frank Oz perd cependant toute l'efficacit de sa mise en scne au moment o l'intrigue se met en place et o l'excellente Glenne Headly entre en scne. Le film est alors cousu de fil blanc, le rythme se ralentit considrablement et les gags sont beaucoup moins russis. Il n'empche que voir ce trio se tirer dans les pattes pendant 2h reste plutt divertissant. On attendait mieux cependant d'une telle runion. Le score est cependant excellent de bout en bout.

D M (it) wrote: A group of preppy Canadian teens borrow their father's yacht for a night of debauchery. They end up crashing on an isolated island which is known for its hermit of old lady and her many vicious guard dogs. After a few of the group disappear they discover the lady is gone and all her dogs dead. This is very much I'd imagine a Scooby Doo slasher to be like. Filmmed too very dark, none more black

Linda M (br) wrote: One of the most touching movies ever made.

Doug C (jp) wrote: A classic example of film noir fatalism, this film stars Burt Lancaster as an armored car guard trying to reorganize his life after a divorce while simultaneously having an affair with his ex-wife who is married to a gambler with mob connections who Lancaster conspires with in a robbery attempt that goes bad. A tragic and alluring example of film noir with great cinematography and score.

Chrisanne S (de) wrote: Rogers and Astaire pick this sad little affair up and give it class- after it's ruined by the other plot.

Miguel R (br) wrote: Dull and boring, Big Daddy lacks humor, heart, and all the content a decent comedy would have

Matt R (mx) wrote: I am a sucker for movies with Emma Stone in them.

Rini N (de) wrote: These three actors blended fantastically