Frits & Franky

Frits & Franky

What does a person when a suitcase full of dirty money literally falls on his head ? Give the money back, hand it over to the police or spend it as fast as possible ? Frits and Franky resolutely opt for the latter.

What does a person when a suitcase full of dirty money literally falls on his head ? Give the money back, hand it over to the police or spend it as fast as possible ? Frits and Franky resolutely opt for the latter. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Ryan M (nl) wrote: I'm thinking I need to start watching more "Canadian Made" films. Or at least more stuff with Paul Gross in it. This was a thoroughly entertaining and extremely funny film. I don't like westerns as a rule, but the concept here was fun.

Mansi A (it) wrote: Two people caught in stagnant relationship decide to orchestrate their breakup. Simply genius.

Maximiliano D (es) wrote: I could say that Blue Valentine is an "elegant" autopsy of a failed marriage. The simplicity of the scenario makes the rare emotional intensity of the film. The best point about the movie is the contrast between the giddy beginning and the sad-ending of the couple. I think this kind of movie should deserve a wider audience but it's probably too authentically tragic for some that I could chock them ...

Jason D (it) wrote: Let me hit the ground running and start things off by saying that Blood on the Highway is probably THE best Horror Comedy I??ve seen in 2010?possibly longer. Blood on the Highway sees friends embarking on a road trip through Texas to an annual 4th of July celebration where booze, broads, and blowing up shit will occur. There??s wussy push-over Sam (Nate Rubin), his foul-mouthed, tough girlfriend Carrie (Robin Gierhart), and bad-boy Bone (Deva George, who also handled the film??s visual effects). Anyways, the three are embarking on their road trip until an unfortunate projectile vomiting mishap lands the group in the middle of nowhere with a soggy map, forcing them to require the assistance of night-crawling fan Old Zeke (played by Richard L. Olsen who is the first of this film??s MANY scene-stealers). Old Zeke apprehensively points them in the direction of the small town of Fate, Texas where some strange occurrences have been taking place involving blood and junk. With that, the three head on down to Fate where they are immediately attacked by the town??s population, which now seems to be converted to vampires, though oddly resembling zombies in many instances.The trio finds help in the form of militia man and president of Housechusetts, Bryon (Tony Medlin) who takes them to their new hideout of Ranchachusetts where we meet another pair of scene stealers, Bryon??s last remaining wife Lynette (Laura Stone, who takes slut to a whole new level in this film) and the super sleazy Roy (played by the film??s co-writer Chris Gardner). Now, the gang of six must fend off the entire town of crazed vampires who set out to the house to tear their flesh apart. There are even a couple of familiar faces that pop up in the movie that may delight horror fans as much as they delighted me, including the great Tom Towles (Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer, House of 1,000 Corpses) in one of those comical roles as a small-town country lawyer who rallies the vampires to attack the house, as well as Nicholas Brendon (TV??s Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Unholy) as the CEO of Consumart, the local corporate store chain (a subtle and delightful jab at a real life ??Mart that destroys towns and peoples lives) that may have had something to do with all of the vampire turning.Let me just say that Blood on the Highway was an absolute treat to watch. I haven??t genuinely laughed that hard at a film in a long time, and a big, BIG part of that praise goes to the film??s writers (Chris Gardner & Blair Rowan) and directors (Barak Epstein & Blair Rowan). I??d be lying if I said I didn??t approach this film with some apprehension when I saw Epstein??s name written on it, especially since I found his previous film, Prison-A-Go-Go, to be absolutely atrocious, but I gave him the benefit of the doubt since he was surrounded by a new crew of writers and co-director. The gamble paid off in the end thanks to the ingenuity behind this film, which I??m thinking is ALL thanks to the highly gifted writers of this film who made just about every joke stick to the wall perfectly, not to mention tackling the tough task of making EVERY single character stand out in this film and have something to offer to the table, especially in the form of humor. Hell, I??d say the weakest addition to the film was Towles?? role, which was still awesome, but you almost didn??t even need him because of how good the film already was. I will say the addition of Brendon was totally worth it, as he was another scene stealer that gave the climax of the film an extra push it needed to certify that there was virtually nary a single misfire or dragging part.Yeah, I know! My review sounds more like a love song to Blood on the Highway, but seriously, I have NOT been this impressed with such an ambitious D-I-Y independent Horror Comedy in such a long time. What??s so impressive is this mostly Texas cast and crew that??s able to deliver a very decent looking film that makes careful use of their budget and yet are able to present an exceptional looking film in all facets, including acting, cinematography, script, etc. Thankfully, there??s barely (if any) CG throughout the film as most blood and gore is presented through practical special effects (sadly, this is a lot to ask for in films these days). There??s one tiny offering of nudity, but the crude sex jokes and gags are plentiful throughout and make up for the lack of nudity (which, honestly, I did not mind at all). My biggest thing I can??t seem to get over is the humor in this. It??s so well-pulled off. Granted, if you??re idea of comedy is safe, family-oriented pussy shit, then first off, how the hell did you come across my review and secondly, Blood on the Highway is clearly not for you. If you??re a fan of South Park-style comedy presentation with loads of quirky, tongue-in-cheek humor mixed well with crude fart and wiener jokes, then this movie will do you just fine. This is the type of film Zombieland wishes it could have been like, much more daring with its comedy and violence. Let??s not forget the bevy of quotes in this film that are quotable. Hell, there??s enough in this film alone to beat out ALL of Will Ferrell??s films combined. You can??t go wrong with a film that has quotes like ??The Michael Jordan of Cunt Fucking?? or ??Jesus cum in my mouth and take me to Shoney??s??. Pure hilarity; I genuinely cannot say enough good things about this film and REALLY look forward to whatever these filmmakers do next.

Leonard D (gb) wrote: This was promising, but I kept being reminded that this happened five years before! Way too soon to release a film like this, I'm sorry! If it was a few decades after, fine, but, this shouldn't have to be created and pushed out this quickly, damn!

Sara C (de) wrote: i thought that it was cute

Scream Q (fr) wrote: Very funny 80's classic!

Alexander C (au) wrote: Would like to get round to watching.

Matthew B (kr) wrote: Not my cup of tea of a movie.

Sandra D (nl) wrote: Could David Carradine BE any cooler?! I was pissed that Christopher Lee was billed as "leading roll" I expected to see that bitch doing kung fu - and I'll give it away - he's only in for about five minutes. Effing lame. Not a great flick... not all that campy... I'd pair this more with seventies sci-fi type things like Conan or Red Sonja than I would kung-fu (but that's probably just me drawing to So-Cal settings).

Calum B (br) wrote: The dark, brooding Rodgers & Hammerstein stage musical gets the big-budget screen treatment in this 1956 release, and the results are only moderately successful. The actors have great voices -- and certainly the score to "Carousel" is the lushest and densest R&H produced -- but they're simply not good enough actors to explore the depths of the musical's book. Gordon MacRae and Shirley Jones were fine as perky country folk in "Oklahoma!" from a year earlier, but MacRae is not a dangerous enough presence to pull off the rough character of Billy Bigelow.Still, as mentioned, the score sounds wonderful and remains mostly intact for the film. And Agnes DeMille provides some characteristically stunning screen choreography, especially in the trademark R&H ballet sequence.

Johnny L (au) wrote: It's bold for its time, but not worth the watch today. I wouldn't entirely dismiss checking out the remake, if and when it is completed.

Josh B (gb) wrote: Nice plot. Animation could have been a bit better though.

Sean C (de) wrote: I don't see why so many people liked the movie. I was hoping for so much more. I didn't find that it was well acted or really well written. There was so much more that could have been done with the two characters from supposedly two different worlds finding common ground in violent behaviour. I've heard that Peter Boyle was unnerved by the positive reaction his character got. He even turned down the lead role in The French Connection because he didn't want to do anything that would glorify violence.

Sylvester K (gb) wrote: This is a disturbingly bad TV movie, a psychological thriller about detective chasing a serial killer who post hangman questions for the police to solve before killing the victims. Nice concept but poorly executed.