Fritz Lang: Circle of Destiny

Fritz Lang: Circle of Destiny


  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:54 minutes
  • Release:2004
  • Language:French,German,English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:director,   filmmaking,  

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Fritz Lang: Circle of Destiny torrent reviews

Bill S (kr) wrote: A big waste of time ....

Keaton B (fr) wrote: It has great performances, especially from fellow Oscar nominees Abigail Breslin and Stanley Tucci, but "Kit Kittredge" has no pace at all.

nowak n (kr) wrote: Watek zakonny - idealny. Watki wokol tej pseudo-aktorki - zero. Ocena wynika ze sredniej.

Camila Y (au) wrote: Loved what Saramago says in the end of the film, specially because it has everything to do with his book "Blindness" - which is fantastic and makes a lot of sense in this mad world. And the documentary is full of good quotes that make one think about the concept of seeing.

Jess L (kr) wrote: An interesting and effective movie thats enjoyable to watch with some great performances. A relatively unknown film about an immortal family and one girl who enters it for refuge and sets their world spinning.

Ibrahim A (gb) wrote: "Three Colors: White" is the second chapter of the Polish filmmaker Krzysztof Kieslowski's incredible "Three Colors" trilogy: Blue, White and Red, the colors of the French Flag which stands for Liberty, Equality and Fertility. The trilogy deals with modern day issues concerns the French society.Karol (Zbigniew Zamachowsk) is a Polish hairdresser; his French wife (Julie Delpy) is divorcing him after only Six months of marriage because he couldn't consummate his marriage. He pointlessly tries to save his marriage and take his wife with him to Poland, his ex-wife finds crashing in her house, and she deliberately sets her house on fire so the cops will be looking for him. Divorced, Penniless and homesick Karol finds another Polish man who is wailing to help him go to Poland on one condition.There are a few comic moments in "White"; Karol is trying to make money by performing in Paris Metro Station using a pocket comb with a sheet of paper folded over it, Karol will ship himself home curled up inside the Polish man's suitcase, his Polish friend waiting for his suitcase at the airport terrified but his suitcase doesn't show up, it was stolen by a few thieves while Karol is still inside. You can imagine there disappointment to see nothing but Karol inside, they beat him and threw him over a small hill, but he picks himself up from the snow optimistically and shouts: "home at last". Karol starts his obsessive journey to become wealthy and "Equal" to his ex-wife so he can finally plot his revenge on her. "White" the middle chapter of the trilogy is a black comedy and its plot is little bit more complex and have more developments than the previous chapter "Blue". Karol's plan is mystery that will reveal itself little by little till the last scene of the movie.

Terrance H (mx) wrote: Harrowng. Must see at least once.

Lars P (mx) wrote: Craptastic, really. Was this the best they could come up with for Michael Biehn?

Stephen G (de) wrote: there is no picture for this on flixter. I own a vhs copy of this movie as it was never released on DVD. But yeah enemy territory is about two guys who work together in an attempt to escape from a high rise housing buiding in some ghetto suburb in america. It takes place at night - they are on the run from a gang who call themselves the vampires. The final scene takes place just as the sun is rising and makes the viewer wonder whether the leader of the vamps (tony todd) is actually a vampire or not. As above a lost gem from the 80's that never made it onto DVD.

Les E (ca) wrote: Wonderfully endearing. I don't usually like this kind of story that spreads over many years, but the characters here are so great that I am happy to make an exception.