From Beijing with Love

From Beijing with Love

After a giant dinosaur skull is stolen, the head of the Chinese secret police decides to assign the case to the force's most incompetent reject: a rural butcher who stands around all day drinking martinis (shaken, not stirred). With a trunkload of insanely useless gadgets and a contact who constantly tries to kill him, the young agent must locate the skull and find out just what is going on here.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:94 minutes
  • Release:1994
  • Language:Cantonese
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:spy,   police,   spoof,  

An incompetent 007-wannabe is sent to locate a stolen dinosaur skull. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Victor R (de) wrote: Perfection & Brilliance are perhaps the correct adjectives to be used for this amazing piece of art. Hats Off!!

Mlissa K (ag) wrote: Freakin' brilliant, creepy, beautiful, sordid, depressing and entrancing

Dreamer T (es) wrote: Good film with Vanessa Williams....Brother is a brother..

Cody C (ag) wrote: Some great imagery and music here and there. Not good enough in general though.

Charles M (it) wrote: When I was a kid, Tony Curtis was my favorite movie star, and I LOVED this movie. But it's good for anyone of any age.

George F (us) wrote: Dial M for Murder was adapted for the big screen from a Broadway play of the same name. The original writer of the play, Frederick Knott, also wrote the screenplay. Both him and director Alfred Hitchcock chose to remain faithful to the original; almost the entire film is played out inside a living room. That is not to say that the film is claustrophobic, Hitchcock provides us with a crisp presentation of the geography of the fated apartment. The story line is simple, an opportunistic husband wants to (permanently) get rid of his adulterous, rich wife. Out of the 4 main actors, John Williams shines as the gritty chief inspector, a role he also played in the Broadway version, although his well-practiced performance is eclipsed by the one from Ray Milland, who plays the villainous husband. He keeps his gentlemanly ways until the end of the film, but there is always a sinister shadow at the edge of his constant smile. Grace Kelly as the victimized wife and Robert Cummings as the wife's lover, deliver stock performances; albeit not mis-casted, the give us nothing to be excited about. One thing that will indeed excite most of us, is the variety of thriller scenes; this is one stirring film. The pace picks up from the beginning and it doesn't stop until the end. The plot is mildly predictable, but fortunately it has a few surprises in store. Modern audiences may be taken aback from the lengthy dialogue, but the aforementioned thrills will keep them from getting bored. One other interesting aspect is how Hitchcock manages how we sympathize between the love triangle. Although the husband is clearly the villain, I had a hard time distributing my sympathy. Dial M for Murder isn't Hitchcock's best film, fans know that is not Hitchcock's best 1954 film, but it is a good thriller that is ready to entertain the majority of today's viewers. 7.0/10.

Tim W (us) wrote: Stupid and cliche. It wasn't funny or romantic and it lacked subtlety or a good script. In fact this movie actually pissed me off.

David G (fr) wrote: I really like Guy Pearce in this film. But that's all that's good about it.Frankly, I spent half the film trying to work out what Rey was saying and even then, it seems like a huge bloodbath just to retrieve a stolen car. Therein lies the problem with this film. Is it post-apocalyptic or not? You genuinely believe this at the start of the film. Then up crops a doctor who fixes wounds, trains pass by, a hotel room appears with the lights on, the police, the army appear to enforce order and strangely - for a world without petrol referred to early on in the film - Guy Pearce finds enough gasoline to burn the bodies at the end. Australian post-apocalypse? Stick to Mad Max.

Mirkku S (jp) wrote: Stunning story with beautiful animation and music. This film is simply amazing, and the message it gives us is very important.

Craig P (br) wrote: An interesting expose.