From the Edge of the City

From the Edge of the City

Minority-group Greeks from an outer suburb of Athens struggle with their life on society's fringe and exploitation of one another.

The "Edge of the City" means Menidi, a poor suburb on the edge of pulsating Athens (the city). Menidi harbours many Cosssack Greeks. They are also called "pontios", ethnic Greeks from the ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Conrad T (es) wrote: Not too much expectation from movies with Rockwell in a leading role, making this one an average one. Would be better if there are more twists on how chemistry is used or this should be named through Pharmacy instead.

Lansden S (kr) wrote: Simple yet kind of effective

Ryan C (nl) wrote: This movie is an eye-opener.Also, I felt bad for the cat.

Brad S (it) wrote: Decent film, helped by a stellar cast...

Tommy C (mx) wrote: haven't seen it but looks good

Ben B (nl) wrote: i loved the plot idea - and since i found it in the "nunsploitation" section at the vault i felt that i could not go wrong. and of course, i love fulci - and he doesnt dissapoint here. but it still doesnt pack nearly the punch of his previous horror work.

Ash D (ag) wrote: This is probably the bravest movie I've ever seen, and while I probably didn't enjoy it (for long stretches of time) I really respect it.I just really disagree with every word Andre says. So when Wallace chews him out, it was great.Watch it. I reference it all the time.

Chris H (br) wrote: A mediocre crime film that can only be recommended to the most die hard Charles Bronson fans.

Erick F (kr) wrote: Crazy shit. I can totally see this movie remade and being even sexier/crazier with a great director. This was obviously a tool just to show off how hot Jane Fonda is, but there is something here. Some of the shots were truly creative. While others, were straight campy. That is kind of the battle the movie has with itself the whole time. The good thing is, it knows what it is, so the campiness never ruins it. I enjoyed it. Solid Concept Fun Execution.

Jacob G (us) wrote: I did like this movie. And unlike some I actually thought there was a pretty good connection between Antonio and Angie. A bit slow at times but it's not a bad movie.

Desmond R (gb) wrote: One of the best British movies of recent times

Adam R (nl) wrote: I thought it was terrible when I saw it for the first time, but I appreciated it more after watching it again recently. It's a unique and quirky film with a style of its own, even if it is pretty senseless. (First viewing - Late teen years)

Walfy W (mx) wrote: The movie was made in 1982, not 2005 as Flixter shows.