Threshold narrates a story of love and mystery which takes place in an old house inhabited by the young Maria, whose fame as a saint extends well beyond the mountains of the interior of ...

Threshold narrates a story of love and mystery which takes place in an old house inhabited by the young Maria, whose fame as a saint extends well beyond the mountains of the interior of ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Charles P (us) wrote: The rather insignificant fourth installment to the franchise has the lifeless action sequences and thin narrative one might expect to find in a video game. In fact, the more accurate title would be "Underworld: The Video Game"!

Michael H (ru) wrote: After a while the initial rewards of the movie are overwhelmed by the tedious failure of the story to advance. That lack of growth in the characters is, no doubt, intentional and makes for a portrait of desultory despair putting on the appearance of carefree indulgence. The movie pushes increasing discomfort upon the audience and prolongs it until discomfort gives way to tedium which gives way to pity tinged with loathing. An effective movie which accomplishes a sense of disgust at the modern remnants of colonialism.

Luciano G (nl) wrote: The story line was believable, production values were high, music kept the pace, and the acting was fantasy fun!

Valeria P (gb) wrote: It was supposed to be a clever and satirical piece on the phoniness and pretentiousness of the contemporary art scene, but it turned out to be a joke that was past its expiration date after 30 minutes. It falls into the traps of the milieu it tries to criticize.

Hunter D (br) wrote: This movie is watchable, unlike most of Seagal's other direct-to-video films, however that doesn't mean it's good. The filmmakers, whether it was intentional or not, did something really smart by casting Seagal in the role of an alcoholic gambling-addict fuck-up deadbeat dad, mainly because Seagal doesn't seem like he gives a shit in most of these DTV films, however in this movie we can just chalk it up to a hangover. Strangely enough, his weight actually adds to this. Despite a silly opening credit sequence, the first act of this movie goes respectably enough, and the fact that Lance Henriksen shows up doesn't hurt things either. The movie takes a turn for the worse when the plot really gets rolling, and somewhere in the sea of hilariously questionable blocking and cliched dialogue, the movie seems to go from just bad to so-bad-it's-good, which is territory Seagal perfected on an Ed Woodian level in ON DEADLY GROUND. This all culminates in what is probably the most idiotic final shootout in a movie since Daniel Lee's DRAGON SQUAD (which was actually produced by Seagal, even though he wasn't in it), which also has some hilarious and glaringly obvious continuity errors to add to the fun. This movie is a big monument to the worst kind of stupidity in the action genre, which is why it was fun to watch despite the fact that it's total garbage.

Roisin O (nl) wrote: i've always really enjoyed this movie. maybe because of the 3 degrees of separation i have with most of the cast. like people said its a fun movie. and its australian. this is not as bad as some other australian movies ive seen. i really do like it.

Rebekah M (ag) wrote: loved it. witty dialogue and interesting. not the best film ever, but definitely good. too bad it's so underrated, well at least it is here in America. this is the only movie that I couldn't find, i had to buy it off Amazon.

Jeff D (fr) wrote: Amazing performances.

Bloodmarsh K (ru) wrote: I can't help but think the movie would have been slightly better if Stallone and Mortensen had swapped roles.

Corey n (nl) wrote: This is a made for television movie about the early career and life of the Beach Boys. We get to see the life of the Beach Boys right up to the death of Dennis in the early 80's. A interesting film. More for fans of the Beach Boys. If you enjoy true life based film or were a fan then check this out.

Jim B (mx) wrote: This movie served its purpose of being funny, weird and sending a message in a very original way.

Luc L (it) wrote: The most boring film I've seen. Give me a break about the cinematic techniques. The results is dull to watch.

Nader H (au) wrote: Frank Langella shines in this. It may not be totally accurate to what actually happened, but Ron Howard does a good job of making an engaging movie first while still retaining the spirit of the history.

Allen F (ru) wrote: we turned it off after 15 long ridiculously bad minutes.

Kevin R (nl) wrote: How would you like me to get real friendly? Roy King is a bad man in the Wild West who is known for robbing banks and getting what he wants. His life is flipped upside down when he meets a woman that has the same qualities. Roy quickly marries the woman but then his life takes a turn for the worse. Will Roy stay with this woman or dispatch her like all the other nuisances within his life? ?You already have two husbands, what would you do with me?? ?I?ll think of something.? Eugenio Martin, director of Supernatural (1981), Pancho Villa (1972), The Ugly Ones, It Happened at Nightmare Inn, and The Girl from the Red Cabaret, delivers Bad Man?s River. The storyline for this film is interesting but nothing special overall. The acting is okay and the cast delivers believable performances. The cast include Lee Van Cleef, James Mason, and Gina Lollobrigida. ?I do not wish to fight with you.? ?I can tell that.? My wife and I are huge fans of Lee Van Cleef and we have been DVR?ing his movies as they air on television. This was a mediocre western with interesting characters and an interesting plot but the overall feel of the film was fairly mediocre and I never had the that feeling that I could not wait to see what happens next. This movie is not really worth your time. ?He?s bad, bad news.? Grade: C

RODNEY G (ca) wrote: a love story that even evil can not stop. and Freya finds out that she stillbelieves in love too.