Frozen Impact

Frozen Impact

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:96 minutes
  • Release:2003
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:explosion,   fire,   rescue,  

A plane, carrying the liver destined for a child's transplant, crashes in a hailstorm. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Frozen Impact torrent reviews

Alan W (au) wrote: Not unlike the proverbial 73 bus, following American Translation , we have another French gay serial killer film and it is a masterpiece in comparison.The execution here is less pretentious and more grounded in melodrama and realism, thus less frustrating to watch, while the acting is certainly better here: less stoic and amateurish. The influence/ mashup is Bonnie and Clyde and again with NBK and a touch of early Almodovar with plotlines that would be no strangers to soap operas. The meaninglessness of American Translation is even more obvious and striking when view side by side with this film which reflects and comments upon the ageism and materialism some see in our (gay) world.

Paul B (es) wrote: Interesting take, but It's too quirky given the subject matter, which itself seems to be riddled with flaws and the ending is bewildering.

Heather M (ru) wrote: This was a superb romantic movie. The lead actors were brilliant and awkwardly adorable together.

Nathan J (de) wrote: This doco wasn't as good as I hoped...While the examination of the data stored on individuals was fairly interesting, the actual disappearance/hunting element of this film was pretty uninteresting.

Ale G (gb) wrote: Apenas para semana santa. Y si se ponen incmodos, una ms apropiada sera Agora.

Gina D (ag) wrote: It's... different, but you learn :)

Owen O (jp) wrote: Slavoj Zizek is a genius or an eejut. one of those. he is the king of marxist / lacanian declaratives and funny as fuck.

Rebecca B (au) wrote: Love the cast, enjoyed the film

Junghee L (ru) wrote: Tim introduced this movie to me. At first I thought it was all right but now I think differently. I think this was quite a good film because I still remember some scenes. The film needs to be re-evaluated.

Allan C (nl) wrote: Not as good as part one or two, but still a solid entry by the same cast, write and director. This entry lacks the budget of the previous films and the motivation for the Maniac Cops action are on the thin side this time. Still, it's a fun film if you like this underrated franchise.

Yousif V (gb) wrote: Either the best movie I've ever seen or the worst movie I've ever seen. The movie is too ridiculous to not be "self aware" but even so...super ridiculous. A good movie to watch with a bunch of friends and completely laugh your ass off.

Maisy S (mx) wrote: This is one of my favorite John Wayne movies. It's not everyone's typology, but for a movie made in 1962, it's very good. It's an animal safari type of thing, with a twist, they catch animals for zoos and stuff. It's an inside look at a group that does that, and what happens is alot of fun. There is the addition of a guy they run into when one of the main guys gets hurt, this changes the dynamics of the group, there's the cute girl, and a new girl ... more guys than girls. Personality-wise you also have Red Buttons and his antics as Pockets. Mr. Wayne is big and full of life, older and yet still quite alive. It's clean fun, for the most part. If you love wild animals, you get a bunch of eye candy in this old flick. The music score is great too. Hatari! is a classic movie.

Joey M (es) wrote: i loved this movie as a kid and i still love it

Joshua L (it) wrote: I was pretty disappointed. The Cast was great, The acting was good, The Dialogue was good the costumes and colors were dope but that's pretty much it.

Baryon S (gb) wrote: Critics are full of shit this time. I really liked this movie. The action is fun. The teleportation fantasy is fun. What's not to like?