Fugitive Hunter

Fugitive Hunter

Quick is sinking fast: deep in debt, facing eviction in thirty days and watching his family slowly slip through his grasp. With no place to turn, Quick resorts to the ruthless and lucrative world of fugitive recovery, becoming a front runner in a band of veteran bail recovery agents-bounty hunters-working for Neil Swift, an old friend and partner of Quick's father. Enjoying sudden and unexpected prosperity, Quick finds himself at the top of his game, unaware that he is in the middle of a deadly conspiracy.

Quick is sinking fast: deep in debt, facing eviction in thirty days and watching his family slowly slip through his grasp. With no place to turn, Quick resorts to the ruthless and lucrative... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Laurel S (nl) wrote: I really like this movie cuz its in New Orleans! But i am not liking O'Connell as Declan. I really loved the book part a lot better.

Ola K (mx) wrote: Wars are fought between Companies and economical interests and not between countries. This film presents contract killers with their historical background. This documentary briefly smells like a glorification. As the statistics unfold (one of seven allied killer Is a private mercenary) and as we learn how they are used to make the statistics for killed american soldiers look good and the viewer gets to know their girlfriends just before we see how they died and what their corpse looked like. Its far from glorification and Its raw on the edge to unbearable.. See also "The War tapes".

Dywayne L (ag) wrote: Good movie. Great build up. The ending was a bit predictable, but overall it was a great movie. They did a great job on the setting.

Arun J (nl) wrote: simple.. they are confused as we are.. a new genre of realism. i liked it.. not a time pass movie.. but a must watch for movie lovers..

Frances H (gb) wrote: Aurora Borealis is a film that I didn't really like because it hits too close to home, to close to reality to the point that although it is well acted, I didn't find it really entertaining.

Sean M (jp) wrote: I would rather eat a human turd covered in old mayonnaise than ever watch this movie again.

Ted W (br) wrote: Good scary kids animation movie starring Dakota fanning. I was surprised of the rating this movie was given, in my opinion this movie is scary and the sexual content of the one white haired actress in the other button eyed world and what she was wearing , nothing just glitter to cover the you know what. Besides that the crazy idea of a girl who wants to spend more time with her parents and so her father tells her to explore the house, she does so and finds a secret door to another button eyed world. I like the idea of that and I like how this movie shows kids that your life could be much worse but for me if I was in coraline s place I would just punch the button eyed mom because buttons are creepy, just creepy but some kids would love that, the food, the everything except they'll probably last as long as the button eyed people don't ask to put the buttons on then the kids will stay but when they ask they're out of their as fast as possible. The art style or animation of this movie is phenomenal, it feels like a tim Burton film but nope it's not, no Johnny depp but I like the clay mation and all those hours , months put in really make me appreciate this film. When I saw this movie in theaters long time ago, I was a lot younger and actually had nightmares of this film but now that I've seen it for a second time, I'm no longer scared of the buttons.

Jamey D (br) wrote: I do feel this is a more intelligent meteor movie than Armageddon. It's a lot more low-key and emotional, playing on the drama aspect rather than action. Some parts of the film, however, are TOO low key, which is a bit of a shame. I had more fun here, but it's not the greatest movie by any means.

Kris W (au) wrote: Peter Sellers stars as Harold Fine, a self-described square--a 35-year-old Los Angeles Lawyer who is not looking forward to middle age and his upcoming wedding. His life changes, however, when he falls in love with Nancy, a free-spirited, innocent, and beautiful young hippie. After Harold and his family enjoy some of her "groovy" brownies, he decides to "drop out" with her and become a hippie too. But can he return to his old life when he discovers that the hippie lifestyle is just a little too independent and irresponsible for his tastes? Guru: [Walking on beach] Do you know youself? Harold Fine: I'm trying to know myself. Guru: You will know yourself when you stop trying. Harold Fine: I'm trying to stop trying. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Harold Fine: Mondo Teeth. What a concept. Teeth, teeth, and yet, more teeth! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Harold: I've got pot, I've got acid, I've got LSD cubes, I've got... I've got this thing here... I'm probably the hippest guy around here. I'm so hip, it hurts! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Mrs. Fine: Lose some weight! Crying hippie: But all I eat is grass and acid.

Jey A (ru) wrote: That's an oxymoron. It'll bug me all day now. >_<"

Mike H (ru) wrote: Why do we have to talk about movies from the 1940s and 1950s as if they're our retarded youngest child with a heart of gold? Why do we pretend like movies from 1895-1939 + 1960-present day are one category and 1940-1959 are another category? We don't need to lavish such excited praise on the outdoor black-and-white photography, or on John Ford as a war film director, or on John Wayne as an American icon. Those things are true to a degree, but hackneyed rose-colored propaganda is what it is, and it's offensive to measure work like this against Charlie Chaplin, Mike Nichols, Francis Coppola, Stanley Kubrick, Ingar Bergman, Federico Fellini, even Georges Melies, even Francois Truffaut, etc, etc, etc, and pretend like we're looking at exceptional photography, direction, acting, writing, editing, or anything else about the production you might care to pee your pants about.

Michael T (br) wrote: Sheridan's the whole show in this slightly above-average thriller.