Fuhrer Ex

Fuhrer Ex

Repentant ex neo-Nazi Ingo Hasselbach's autobiographical experiences are the basis for "Fuhrer Ex". Two friends dream of escaping the oppression of communist GDR in 1980s in Berlin. When ...

Ingo Hasselbach, whose parents were Communist Party members in East Germany during his childhood, has lived at both ends of the political seesaw. The question of how people reach a change of heart is a profound one; Hasselbach describes the external forces that led to his founding Germany's first neo-Nazi political party and the internal ones that led him away from it five years later. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Aurlie J (it) wrote: un peu d (C)ue, le film est sans plus

Ted D (fr) wrote: Sounds very one-sided.

David L (us) wrote: Good, but could have been so much better! When a teenage boy gets left with an antique artefact following his dads death, little does he know what power it possesses, until it's too late. This half a million dollar contraption is actually a device made for enforcing revenge in the most fatal of ways! All the owner has to do is insert a picture of the desired victim, wind the crank up, and voila..........a voodoo doll is created which can be tormented as much as one likes, with the sequence of torture being mirrored on the actual being it has been intended for! Unsurprisingly enough, the film then revolves around the boy discovering who is inflicting all these subsequent deaths of his friends having had the contraption stolen from his room! Although I'm not a big fan of voodoo and witchcraft, the concept is quite basic and easy to follow but the potential of this films entertainment value is not maximised by a long way. Instead of devising innovative and cringe worthy ways of making each of the victims suffer I.e. Final Destination style, we just witness the same death one after the other, which is a bit of a waste. The twist ending I did not see coming, but that's more me being thick than it being original, as it's one that anyone could have seen coming. Having said that, the storyline did have a nice flow to it, it's only once you reach the end that you feel particularly uninspired and are left with a feeling of what could have been!

Josiah C (fr) wrote: I hate jump rope. And I hate musicals. So naturally, I hate this movie.

cindy m (ca) wrote: I liked this movie very much. Emotional and full of love. Remind me of me n my wife. The love part.

Thomas B (it) wrote: I like the movie, and it was nice to see Hollywood was trying to produce a good western. However, I didn't buy Mel Gibson (an Australian) as "Maverick". But Ok , so what... It's was still a good western.

Mark A (us) wrote: Man of Flowers is a strange little film, a product of the eighties, that shows a little skin and hands out a great deal of woo-woo mysticism in the process. The characters are drawn pretty thinly, the problems that each character faces are somewhat formulaic, and the print is dated. But there are a few bright spots. Norman Kaye, plays the eccentric, shy, Charles Bremer with an aristocratic reserve that is almost (almost) believable. Lisa (Alyson Best) is a beautiful young woman torn between this gentle soul and an abusive boyfriend, David (Chris Haywood), who is a tortured, has-been artist with several problems of his own. And Jane (Sarah Walker) is a girlfriend who offers Lisa relationship advice, but has designs on Lisa for herself. What little we know of what led Charles to this is told through flash-backs that appear as dreams, a device that is not entirely effective. It was entertaining, just not very.

Luke L (fr) wrote: a movie that only cared about its special effects not its story that equals to a bull crap movie

Dennis G (it) wrote: Better than a few of the sequels. I was wondering if I was watching the right film until the shocker at the end. Connected into the story line well. Too bad the other sequels ruined what would have been a better part of the series

Aj V (br) wrote: An interesting teen movie from the 80s, not one of the best, but it's not one of the worst either. I saw it on TV a while ago, and it was okay.

John M (de) wrote: I know it's coming from an honest place and the point is to portray Greek culture in its full authenticity, which yes it does, but that's the only reason this film is made. There's really no merit for good storytelling. Everything works out perfectly consistently and it's about as straightforward as a romantic comedy as you can get.