Two broken, police, destruction of property by arson with an explosive charge, stealing a car. Not bad for one night! Such is the balance of Alex's eighteenth birthday - the main hero of the film.

Two broken, police, destruction of property by arson with an explosive charge, stealing a car. Not bad for one night! Such is the balance of Alex's eighteenth birthday - the main hero of the film. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Tommaso D (kr) wrote: A flat and unengaging documentary about street art that only captures the surface of the process, without making any kind of reflection on the meaning of it.Mixing the life of the filmaker to the creation of street art, the result fails to hold its pieces together.

Lacey M (ca) wrote: Found it very entertaining throughout highly recommend.

EQ R (it) wrote: While the film sported a great cast with a nice turn in from Worthington, it still could not escape the "made for TV" run of the mill feeling and tone that it carried. With too many stories going on at once and a few loose ends that were never tied up its a difficult film to recommend. While the performances were great the script just felt too jumbled and weighed down and at times the pace dragged. It's an ok watch if you are a fan of shows like "C.S.I." D+

Tina A (us) wrote: Kinda boring but ok if you have nothing better to do.

James T (jp) wrote: A very depressing look into Kurt Cobain's life.

AD V (ag) wrote: It's not for everyone but I thought it was a nice reminder of old school Italian horror with shades of Hills Have Eyes and Chainsaw Massacre thrown in. Makes me miss the 80's. More.

Andrew L (gb) wrote: Made just for the money

Josh G (jp) wrote: Used to love this movie when I was a kid; I would have my parents rent this and its sequels for me all the time. Now that I am older, though, I am embarassed at ever having liked it. It's not funny, and the dinosaurs are too fake to be cute.

Jacky L (fr) wrote: think this is my least enjoyed pedro almodovar to date. perhaps cos yours truly was under the weather when watching it, but the mere 90 minutes or so sure felt longer. thought the movie slacked off here and there from midway through.

Brian S (us) wrote: Shit, what was i thinking?! This was a horrible idea to review this trash. If it wasn't for Mystery Science Theater 3000, this movie would have killed me. Except for the music, the film was the absolute worst film of all times. If you want to see the worst acting ever brought to you on the screen, then search no more because Eegah is at your service.

Ben C (es) wrote: Contrived sitcom-style comedy that is enjoyable but forgettable.

Darren H (ag) wrote: A spectacular Depression era musical-comedy made with the sole purpose of putting a smile on audience faces.

Art S (es) wrote: That wasn't exactly my 1980s (Poison, Motley Crue) but there is enough cheesy stuff from the decade on display here (when John Cusack et al. accidentally travel back in time in their hot tub) to make me wonder how we lived through it. Naturally, Cusack and his friends aren't allowed to change anything in the past to avoid affecting the future but they want to and this is basically the engine that drives the plot. I think that would be enough to create a funny movie but, no, the creative powers behind this one had to layer on the usual unfunny crassness to try to create laughs where laughs aren't. Rob Coddry is particularly grating. (There may also be an odd conservative political undertone). But some of this still works, even if there are tiresome bits to sit through. I'll admit that I'm rarely on the same wavelength with Hollywood comedies, but hey there's Crispin Glover and Chevy Chase and that funny feeling of weird nostalgia now that we're old(er).

Lee M (fr) wrote: I found myself savoring a thriller (as well as a Spike Lee 'joint') that wasn't, for a change, in my face.

Anand K (us) wrote: One of those movies where it turns out this guy is in on it and this guy and this guy etc making everything they did in the movie before that point make absolutely no sense.