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Laurie T (fr) wrote: An uninspired adaptation of David Ebershoff's novel which blends together two stories, one from the 19th century and one from the present. In the adaptation, the 19th century is diminished and the present-day one tweaked and twisted. A gay plot element is eliminated, as if polygamy is safe to scorn, but homosexuality is too horrible to even deal with. Good, authentic looking polygamy costumes and hairdos and appealing Canadian rural scenery. One of the characters looks eerily like the current Republican presidential candidate. If this topic interests you, watch the movie before the book, or just read the book and forget the movie. For hard core fans of polygamy movies. There are some cases of murder in polygamous sects, but most are of women, not of men, by the way.

Sandy B (ru) wrote: Grand kids love this DVD! Good wholesome movie for all to see. Not sure who the Director is or what other movies he has made but to go up against Disney is impressive. Maybe he works for them oops

Kevin C (es) wrote: There's nothing here, it's still way too early for the title to fit. Most of the documentary is just boring overview of what happened in the car economy over the past decade.

Ken L (es) wrote: yewh... Where to tell this tenure application to get off could be quite a creative writing project in & of itself. Poor shlep, can't help that he's such a failure. This movie would do that to anybody. I think it does indeed have a plot outline. If it'd just stop being so moronically nonsensicle with how it all fits together.

EWC o (ru) wrote: Over the top in every sense of word, many scenes bordering surrealness. There aren't many other films like it. However, most of the shock novelty wears off early on.

Jorge S (br) wrote: Tenia tantos vacios en la trama que te podias caer a traves de ellos. Sin embargo igual me entretuve, junto a Machuca pasa al grupo de las peliculas chilenas salvables.

Joe F (mx) wrote: I loved it, it was very funny and easy to watch

Judge L (gb) wrote: One of my all time favorite sport flicks. Always love getting this one out during baseball season.

Thomas K (jp) wrote: Released the same year as Badham's War Games it's certainly well made and Daniel Stern, in his first role as a grown up, is a lot of fun. It's certainly exciting, but it's also cheesy as all get out.

Thomas B (ca) wrote: **Bruce Willis stars in this middle of the road action thriller, with some OK direction, a default story, but an excellent performance by Willis. That being said, Yasiin Bey is absolutely UNBEARABLE in this movie. Holy crap is his performance bad.

Tiffany Z (kr) wrote: This is perhaps my all-time favourite film. Paul, a war photographer, returns home for the first time in 17 years. In the beginning, the audience sees him as an arrogant man, too busy for his family. What begins to unfold is a masterpiece about the complexities of human beings. You see that Paul, and all the other characters, have considerable baggage from their past. You especially see that Paul's past, both personal and professional, have molded him into the person he is now: an emotionally detached, damaged individual. He meets Celia, a 17 year-old who is hoping to leave New Zealand and make something of herself. Their friendship changes both of their lives in ways they never could have foreseen. This film looks at issues, such as how our experiences shape us as people. Also, the impact a family has on an individual's development. There are also themes of isolation in the modern world, intergenerational friendships, small towns, and (I'd argue) post traumatic stress disorder. The acting is superb, and the cinematography is great. The pace is a bit slow, but I would argue that it needs to be in order to reflect small town life in a genuine way. The characters are complex, never allowing you to feel that they are either good or bad. This is perhaps one of the most emotional and thought-provoking films I've seen to date.I come from a small town, and I left at 17. I've barely been home in the past 9 years (barely even returned to the country), although it's not due to family issues. I've worked in highly emotionally stressful lines of work, such as human trafficking prevention and adoption. I've seen babies locked in rooms, left to die... small girls who were forced into prostitution... When I saw this film, I had to admire Matthew MacFadyen's portrayal. Most people in these professions end up becoming overly extroverted to compensate, or completely closed-off. Even more, the script is amazing in that his brother does not even recognize him at first. My family has often remarked on how it's changed me to be too closed off and reckless. Perhaps on of the most heartfelt, genuine, and accurate portrayals. Watching this movie, I was drawn in to completely believing that MacFadyen really is a war photographer... the acting was beyond superb. Bravo!

Lisa P (br) wrote: Fast paced, exciting bike stunts, good story line, a few twists and turns in the story of the love interest. I thoroughly enjoyed this movie.