Full Contact

Full Contact

In an effort to get his buddy out of a gambling debt, Jeff agrees to join forces with Judge in a weapons heist. The job goes bad and Judge betrays Jeff. Jeff plots the ultimate revenge on Judge and his followers and it is a question of whether he can follow through with his plan.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:96 minutes
  • Release:1992
  • Language:Cantonese,Mandarin,English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:explosion,   robbery,   boat,  

Two disreputable friends get tied in with a group of criminals who turn out to be excessively violent and deceptive. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Sanjay D (jp) wrote: Shaadi Ke Side Effects - Any way you take prevention is better than cure. :-(

Benjamin S (au) wrote: A hugely uninteresting 'interesting movie' felt like I was watching a horrible, painful, undergraduate film. This movie talks down to the viewer in that way that hyperintellectual Indie flicks love to do. So many times I found myself asking 'why the fuck is this happening now?' And then by the end I realised I just didn't care.

Alberto C (au) wrote: Esperaba una pelicula de la talla de "Matando Cabos", "El infierno" o "La ley de herodes", el desencanto fue inexorable.

Ryan C (mx) wrote: Well Lethal Weapon 4 in my opinion is the weakest in the series it's still really good and better than what a lot of people say. It's a funny movie with great action. It introduces Chris Rock into the series and has Jet Li as the bad guy. The acting was pretty good but the chemistry between Riggs and Murdoch is kinda slipping so it's probably a good thing it was the last in the series. Just like 2&3 the opening scene is funny and action packed and the plot was pretty good but what weakens the film is there were too many characters and too much going on at once. However it's still a very good movie and you must watch it after the first three.

Sergio R (fr) wrote: An absorbing, honorific documentary to the brothers Lumire and one of the most magnificent achievements in history, The Cinematographer. 40 of the most beloved directors of the world together in one work, including some of the most influential quotes from Michael Haneke and the obviously disturbing, astonish work from David Lynch, beatifully crafted and plenty of style from every short. But is sometimes very tedious.

Wahida K (kr) wrote: Nicht weiter sagen! ShshFav bitMother: My son is alive? Who the f*** did I kill? Dr. Animal: Call me A.Joe: Eh?Dr. Animal: Also call me Doctor.Joe: A Doctor.Dr. Animal: Dr. A.Joe: Right sorry, Dr. A.Dr. Animal: Bingo.Joe: Dr. A. Bingo?Dr. Animal: Moving on.

Howie S (es) wrote: Very good legal drama.

Walter M (kr) wrote: In "Shoe Shine," Pasquale(Franco Interlenghi) and Giuseppe(Rinaldo Smordoni) are two boys in postwar Italy who work a variety of odd jobs in order to save up to buy a horse. One of those jobs involves selling American blankets to a psychic(Maria Campi). While there, the boys become unintentionally part of a robbery that also ends up giving them enough cash for their horse. The bad news is that this also brings them to the attention of the police who put them in juvenile prison in hopes of getting the names of their adult confederates out of them. "Shoe Shine" is a very moving, yet also occasionally playful, film that also contains a very serious message. If, Bill Hicks notwithstanding, you feel that children are the future(and I think that's why a psychic is involved in the story), then the film makes an excellent case for the authorities squandering Italy's future by treating its orphan children so poorly in jailing and punishing so many, instead of trying to care for them. This is at a time when children were forced to grow up too quickly, anyway, while not being educated in any meaningful way. At least, Pasquale and Giuseppe have an eye on their future by buying a horse as an investment, and not just to ride on.

Mo B (ag) wrote: Rating: 79%Dolphin Tale has a great human (and dolphin) cast, with a touching and inspirational story as well as relatable characters.

Derek H (it) wrote: Nothing new or worth seeing here.